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B. FunKeys (Does Your Little One Steal Your Keys? Check These Out!)

By Kelsey

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Kids love to copy Mom and Dad, they love to get a hold of all the things they see us with. Car Keys, Laptops, Smart Phones..etc. A great way to resolve the hiding of your car keys is to provide them a set of their own, however, most kids keys set are very “toy-like” and don’t give the impression of “real” car keys. The B. FunKeys are among the first I have found that look and feel like real car keys, I am really impressed with the quality of this toy!

Age Range: Baby and Baby, 1, 2, 3, 4 year olds
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Unboxing this B. toy is incredibly easy. It is held in an open face, recycled cardboard box so you can test it before opening. Then once inside you will need a pair of scissors to clip two zip ties holding them inside. B Funkeys
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The Playtime Experience

The B. FunKeys have several buttons with matching sounds including a car lock, car starting, horn and a doorbell (which I don’t understand). The keys themselves are made with cute designs and a metal look to the key prong itself. They whole set is heavy and well made, I think kids are bound to be happy with their very own “real” keys. B Funkeys Review
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Things I Liked

I love that the keys look like real keys. I think kids toys designed to emulate adult items should look as close to the real thing as possible. This toy does that very well.
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Things I Didn't Like

I really don’t understand the doorbell button/sound function on the B. Funkeys. I don’t necessarily dislike it, but it really seems odd.
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Appropriate Ages

The FunKeys are recommended for players as young as 6 months and as old as 3 years.
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Final Note

The B. FunKeys get full points for realism with this car key look-a-like. I think any kid will be impressed with the design, it may just save you from having yours stolen and hidden next time! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7WRTymIQk90 (You may also like: 100 Brilliant Toys for Your Little Toddler Einstein)

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