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Disney Beauty and The Beast Live Action Baby Belle Doll Review

By Kelsey

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Although there is nothing “live action” about the Disney Beauty and The Beast Live Action Baby Belle Doll, she is an adorable soft bodied baby doll for any Beauty and Beast lover. She is dressed smartly and has the most adorable rose rattle. I am impressed with the simplicity of this toy and how well she is made.


Age Range: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 year olds
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Baby Belle is packaged in a large clear faced box. She si held in the packaging with several rubber bands, plastic ties…etc. I had to use my scissors to get her out safely, being careful not to clip her hair which is also secured with sewing thread in the cardboard backing. Disney Live Action Baby Belle Doll  
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The Playtime Experience

The play experience with this doll is purely pretend and imagination based. She is dressed in a golden dress, like the iconic one from the movie and comes with a rose rattle. Her left hand is closed just enough to hold the rattle when it is placed there. She has beautiful brown hair which is styled beautifully and is soft to the touch. Baby Belle Doll Review
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Things I Liked

I love that this doll is so beautiful and is classic in her soft body, baby doll design.
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Things I Didn't Like

The rose rattle doesn’t actually rattle which I found really odd. I really wish that had been done better.
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Appropriate Ages

This Beauty and the Beast Baby doll is recommended for players 2 and older. However I can say confidently that given the choice, I wouldn’t hesitate to hand this doll to a younger child. There are no choking hazard pieces and she is soft bodied which makes her a great first baby doll.
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Final Note

Although the rattle left me scratching my head, I am actually really impressed with the Disney Beauty and The Beast Live Action Baby Belle Doll. The name implies some sort of action, but this dolls play time is purely imagination and pretend play based. I wouldn’t hesitate to buy for a young Beauty and the Beast fan. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A3oxWzsl1hk (You may also like: 29 Most Popular Baby Alive Dolls)

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