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Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Greetings Globe

By Kelsey

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It’s been established that I love a good educational toy. I love toys that introduce new ideas and thinking to young children. The Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Greetings Globe is marketed as a toy that teaches different music and greetings from different parts of the world. This Greetings Globe is potentially the initial introduction for small children to a world outside their own. It is educational and cute at the same time which is always a plus when looking to buy a new toy.

Age Range:
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Opening the Greetings Globe was nothing short of exhausting for this mommy. The plastic clips holding the base of the globe in place were not easy to twist and remove. By the end of unpacking this toy I was regretting my decision not to go with the frustration free option with Amazon, so for all my parent friends out there, save yourself the headache and definitely opt for frustration free packaging with Amazon. laugh and learn greetings globe Once the globe is finally out of its packaging, you will find that it has seven buttons with animal pictures for each continent. All the oceans are marked and the continents are marked appropriately. It spins freely on the base like a regular globe but the base contains the power, Smart Stages, and volume adjust buttons as well as a book that changes the interaction depending on which page is open.
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The Playtime Experience

Turning the globe on it is an adorable toy voiced by our good friend Pup from Fisher Price. There are three stages, a music stage, continent stage, and animal stage. All three stages teach something different about the continent or animals found on the continent and the music stage is where the greetings are covered in many different languages. Whenever the globe is turned, children are encouraged to find the pictures for the animals on various continents and to make noise and sing along as that animal makes its noise or music is played. The music time experience is very cute as it plays music that is native to that region of the world. fisher-price greetings globe top view
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Things I Liked

I like that the Laugh and Learn Greetings Globe introduces young children to a great big world full of many different animals, types of music, and languages. The Greetings Globe music time feature is a very smart and cute way to introduce different languages and encourage kids to play along while learning. The 7 buttons are spread out throughout the Greetings Globe to make the search and find features fun and entertaining as your child searches for different animals and the places they come from. I really liked playing with the Greetings Globe and the variety it brings means that your child won’t become bored quickly by hearing the same phrases over and over again. It is lightweight and easy to interact with which I think makes it perfect for these young age ranges.
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Things I Didn’t Like

I really don’t have many complaints with the Laugh and Learn Greetings globe itself. My only complaint was the packaging. It was extremely difficult to open and since there weren’t any small parts I just don’t think that kind of highly secured packaging was completely necessary. This is an easy fix, however, if you order the Greetings Globe frustration free from Amazon which I highly recommend.
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Appropriate Ages

The Laugh and Learn Greetings Globe is marketed for the age range of 18-36 months and I think that this toy actually has value for younger and older children as well. It would be great marketed for 1-5 years instead in my opinion. It really is covering a good amount of material that is great for keeping young children engaged and preparing them for preschool while teaching them about their world. I think that the Greetings Globe teaches enough material to stay relevant and be helpful during those developmental, preschool prep ages where children are doing the most learning.
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Greetings Globe Review: Worth it?

All in all, I really liked the Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Greetings Globe and I wouldn’t hesitate to buy it for my son again if given the opportunity. I think that it holds value for a wide range of ages and love that it has the Smart Stages feature to grow with your learning child. Having volume control is a plus for me as a mom but the music and animal noises were actually very cute and I don’t mind hearing them over and over again. I think that for multi-child play this toy can become a fun learning challenge to see who can find the animal first or point out continents/oceans on the globe first. The initial investment in this toy is minimal since it is priced well and the years of entertainment definitely make it affordable and practical for most families. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GYmVqyh9Vcc

  1. Kelsey says:
    Fun and educational

    I love that this toy opens up doors to a larger world for young kids. The smart stages feature and multiple settings is great for growing with young children and helping them learn about their world in a fun and entertaining way. The songs and phrases are very cute and diverse enough where I wasn’t irritated listening to them over and over again.

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