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Vtech Paw Patrol Treat Time Marshall Review

By Kelsey

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Paw Patrol is big in our house, so we waited anxiously for Treat Time Marshall to arrive. Would it be able to live up to our lofty expectations? And would my son actually learn anything? Kids love our good friends on Nickelodeon from Paw Patrol, and no toys have more value than the ones where kids can play with their favorite friends. Paw Patrol Treat Time Marshall combines the best of both worlds by allowing your child to play with one of their favorite buddies while learning letters and colors at the same time.

Age Range: 2, 3, 4, 5 year olds
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Treat Time Marshall is simple to unbox from the packaging without the need for any scissors or a box cutter. He is secured in the package with simple plastic clips that twist to unlock, as well as packaging tape. Inside the box there is Treat Time Marshall as well as his “pup treats”, which are bones with the letters of the alphabet, colors, and pictures printed on each one. Paw Patrol Treat Time Marshall Box Paw Patrol Treat Time Marshall Back Of Box He has an adjustable volume control and four different settings, including letters and pictures, as well as a “search and rescue” setting for finding the specific treat letter Marshall requests. On top of that there’s a music time setting where each bone inspires a song from Treat Time Marshall. Paw Patrol Treat Time Marshall Unboxing While in use, he opens and closes his eyes and wiggles his ears as he interacts with your child. He also prompts them to follow directions to feed him treats. An added bonus: his belly is a compartment for storing all the pup treats when not in use. If your kids are as obsessed with Paw Patrol as mine are, these are more Paw Patrol toys worth buying.
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The Playtime Experience

Playing with the Paw Patrol Treat Time Marshall is a lot of fun. All the pup treats are multi-directional so no matter which end you put in Marshall’s mouth he can tell which pup treat it is and interact with you and your child. Each pup treat has several things for Marshall to interact with. He can tell the color, picture, or letter, or use it to dance and sing. He moves his ears and opens and closes his eyes as he interacts with your child to keep play time fun and engaging. Paw Patrol Treat Time Marshall Playtime Experience There are multiple settings for all sorts of play, from music and dancing to a search and rescue feature. During search and rescue, Treat Time Marshall will ask you to find a letter or picture, or do things like find the letter that starts certain words, like your own name. Paw Patrol Treat Time Marshall Front If you choose wrong, he makes an error sound and encourages you to try again. And when play time is done all your pup treats store safely in his tummy compartment to prevent loss and provide easy access for next time. Paw Patrol Treat Time Marshall Pup Treats Paw Patrol Treat Time Marshall Battery Compartment Related Toys: Paw Patrol Zoomer Marshall, Paw Patrol Paw Patroller, Paw Patrol Paw Terrain Vehicle, Paw Patrol, Lights and Sounds Air Patroller Plane
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Things I Liked

I like Paw Patrol Treat Time Marshall very much! There are so many songs, phrases, and settings so he almost never runs out of things to say. Having several settings means that he will grow well with your child. If they don’t know all of their letters yet, he has a fun way to help them learn. And if they already know them, his search and rescue feature keeps kids engaged in the learning fun. Paw Patrol Treat Time Marshall What I Liked Additionally, it would be easy for multiple children to play with him by dancing and grooving to the beat, or challenging one another to a “who can find the pup treat first” type of game. I think this Paw Patrol offering is a great toy for many reasons, but as a mom I love the volume control and the storage compartment best. Not only is it a very cute toy, but it is practical. The pup treats, if lost, make the toy pretty unusable. So having the storage compartment right within the main unit sets my mind at ease that he won’t quickly lose his luster by having pup treats strewn from here to kingdom come. You may also like: The Paw Patrol Real Talking Rubble plush: https://toynotes.com/paw-patrol-real-talking-rubble-review
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Things I Didn’t Like

I don’t have anything about the Treat Time Marshall that particularly makes me dislike this toy. I think it is very well made and practical for children of varying ages. Paw Patrol Treat Time Marshall Review If I was pressed, I’d say he really isn’t a great portable toy because while he does store all his pup treats right in the main unit, the compartment is rather small. So when you open him up you will have treats falling out rather quickly. It isn’t fun to go searching for them under tables and chairs at restaurants or doctor’s offices. Plus, even in his lowest setting he’s still rather loud. This one is a great toy for at-home play in my opinion.
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Appropriate Ages

It’s marketed for ages 2-5, and this is spot on because the younger side of this range is able to enjoy learning while watching him move his ears and open and close his eyes to music. Since none of the accessories are small enough to become a choking hazard, mommies with kids in this age group and younger can rest at ease knowing that they are safe and sound playing with Treat Time Marshall. The older age range benefits particularly from the search and rescue feature, as this is more challenging and more fun, especially if a timer is added or a friend competes with them!
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Treat Time Marshall Review: Worth it?

For my overall review of the Paw Patrol Treat Time Marshall, I would say that this toy is a good, affordable buy for most families. For an inexpensive initial investment, it has value mainly because it will last for a wide age range. There aren’t many toys that are as easily adaptable from that 2 year mark and through preschool quite like Treat Time Marshall is. I like that he is fun and engaging, and that as a parent I don’t worry about loss of the main accessory, his “pup treats”. I definitely don’t want to worry about younger children choking on anything. All in all, I have no reservations about this toy and I would purchase it again for my son. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KRmHoARt0Gw

  1. Kelsey says:
    Parent friendly design and long play life

    I can see my son playing with this toy for a long time. It has multiple play settings to keep things fresh for him and for me. Love that the storage compartment is built right in. Keeps me from worrying too much about lost pieces.

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