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Paw Patrol, Lights and Sounds Air Patroller Plane Review

By Kelsey

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Paw patrol has become a very “pup”ular series on Nickelodeon. The series teaches working as a team and serving the community in a fun and entertaining way. Kids love beings able to play with their favorite pup friends and now there are a whole series of Paw Patrol toys to enjoy. The Paw Patrol, Lights and Sounds Air Patroller Plane is a great part of this series of toys.

Age Range: 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 year olds
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You will need a pair of scissors to open the Paw Patrol Air Patroller Plane. The plan is held in place with a series of twist clips and paper rope ties which need to clipped to remove the air plane from the packaging. Once opened, the package contains the Robopup and the Light and Sounds Air Patroller Plane. Paw Patrol Air Patroller
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The Playtime Experience

Playing with the Air Patroller plan in my opinion is best done with other parts of the Paw Patrol set. The plan itself has a cargo area that can be opened and closed to stow cargo during flight. The cockpit also opens so Robopup and other Paw Patrol friends can sit inside to fly your Air Patroller. The Air Patroller Plane has a handle on the top for transport. On the handle is a small blue button which, when pressed, activates the lights on each wing and the sounds that go with the Air Patroller. Air Patroller Review
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Things I Liked

I like that the Paw Patrol, Lights and Sounds Air Patroller Plane has the lights and sounds to help make this toy more engaging and more fun. The cargo area is probably the coolest part of this plane, as I didn’t expect it and it does offer a decent amount of room for storage. The price point is more than reasonable as well so it is budget friendly to pick up this toy.
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Things I Didn't Like

I wish that the Paw Patrol Air Patroller Plan had come with some of the Paw Patrol friend that are more familiar to their fan base. A small Ryder, Marshall or Skye really would have added value to this toy. I think that although this toy isn’t expensive, you will have to plan on purchasing this with another Paw Patrol set, or as part of an already established collection in order to get the full value from it.
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Appropriate Ages

The Paw Patrol, Lights and Sounds Air Patroller Plane is recommended for children 3 and older. I don’t see any pieces that present a choking hazard however so I am not sure why the 3 and older recommendation stands. Possibly because most of the toys in this set were recommended for that same age group and the show caters to children in this age group.
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Final Note

I wouldn’t hesitate to purchase the Paw Patrol Air Patroller again myself. I would only buy it with another piece like the Paw Patroller or other Paw Patrol pieces. The price point is reasonable but the value isn’t there unless your child has the characters they are most familiar with, to play along. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=izsgC2yjSV0 (You may also like: 49 Paw Patrol Toys Worth Buying)

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