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Fisher-Price Imaginext Walking Croc and Pirate Hook

By Kelsey

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Fisher-Price and their Imaginext toy division have a great series of toys out right now centered on a pirate theme. Part of this fearsome set is the Imaginext Walking Croc and Pirate Hook. With the ability to fire his canon and walk like a real crocodile he is a very cool addition to this set from Imaginext.

Age Range:
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Unboxing the Fisher-Price Imaginext Walking Croc and Pirate Hook is fairly easy as he is secured by a few zip ties and the accessories are displayed behind plastic covering. I recommend having a good pair of scissors or a box cutter to aid in getting Walking Croc and Pirate Hook out of his packaging. Once free you will see all the pieces as well as two cannon balls with a very odd shape and a pirate sword. imaginext croc unboxing
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The Playtime Experience

Playing with the Imaginext Croc was very entertaining. The Walking Croc himself has many movable pieces at his jaw, mid-section, arms and legs, as well as his tail. The Walking Croc has wheels on his underside that when pushed across a flat surface causes his body to move in a “walking” fashion that is very lifelike! Making him even more cool is the fact that you can shoot the cannon using the power pad on his back. Pirate Hook can stand on the power pad behind the cannon or sit in the front near Walking Croc’s head. The Fisher-Price Imaginext Walking Croc and Pirate hook doesn’t seem to have any buttons that cause his jaws to open nor does he make any sounds. imaginext walking croc and pirate hook
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Things I Liked

I like that the Imaginext series tends to be toys that are fairly priced and aesthetically pleasing. True to this theme, the Croc is brightly colored and highly mobile. The Walking Croc and Pirate Hook has a very lifelike walk and his moveable parts move very fluidly for an inexpensive toy. He is a great additional to this Imaginext pirate themed set and he was a lot of fun to play with.
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Things I Didn’t Like

I didn’t like that Fisher-Price Imaginext Walking Croc and Pirate Hook had no buttons to activate his jaws to open. I feel like for as mobile as his body is he should be able to open and close his mouth on command as well. I think this set from Imaginext could use some sounds effects in general but it doesn’t detract from the overall entertainment value of the toy for me. Also, Pirate Hook has a hole in a boot that is supposed to help him stand on the Walking Croc power pad. However, I find that it doesn’t work very well and he doesn’t stay put when the Walking Croc is in motion.
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Appropriate Ages

This toy is recommended for ages 3-8. I think that this is very appropriate because I would be concerned about a choking hazard for a child under 3 with the small accessories included with Walking Croc and Pirate Hook. I think this toy is great for imagination fueled play and works very well with the other pieces. Kids in this 3-8 age group will have fun creating adventure after adventure with the Walking Croc and Pirate Hook.
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Imaginext Croc Review: Worth it?

In my opinion, the Fisher-Price Imaginext Walking Croc and Pirate Hook is a good buy and very affordable. Not only because the unit itself is affordable but the other pieces of the Fisher-Price Imaginext set are as well. Toys that come in a theme or with a set always get two thumbs up from me because I can easily keep each toy “new” by incorporating more pieces of the set. I wouldn’t hesitate to buy this toy again for my family. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CzHATAb-_FA

  1. Kelsey says:
    Reasonably priced and very cool

    I really love the Imaginext series from Fisher-Price. The Walking Croc and Pirate Hook toy is a great part of the new pirate themed Imaginext series. I love how the Walking Croc has wheels on the bottom that makes him walk like a real crocodile. This toy is very well made and reasonably priced. I think it offers a lot of entertainment value when paired with its set from Fisher-Price Imaginext.

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