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Fisher-Price Imaginext Mega Mouth Shark Review

By Kelsey

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If ever there was a fearsome shark and shark rider, it is the Mega Mouth Shark by Imaginext. This toy has small parts so it’s not good for children under 3, but it is fine for somewhat older children, especially as it goes along with an entire Imaginext set of formidable pirate lairs, pirate ships, and more.

Age Range:
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Imaginext Mega Mouth Shark Imaginext Mega Mouth Shark Back Of Box Unboxing the Mega Mouth shark couldn’t be simpler. You will need a good pair of scissors though, because the shark rider is attached with a zip tie and the Mega Mouth Shark itself is tied in with a cardboard rope. Both the zip tie and the rope are easily cut with a pair of scissors. Imaginext Mega Mouth Shark Out Of Box The accessories – two harpoons, a pirate flag, and a black sword – are attached behind clear plastic, but once separated from the cardboard box it is a cinch to remove them and start playing. Imaginext Mega Mouth Shark Unboxing If you love this Imaginext shark, you'll also love these Imaginext pirate toys.
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The Playtime Experience

The Imaginext Mega Mouth Shark has a power pad, which is where the hammerhead shark rider stands. He is secured by a removable clip, but when he is pressed down on the power pad the shark’s mouth opens wide, ready to chomp on anything in its sight. Imaginext Mega Mouth Shark Hands On The shark rider also has a cannon attached, which is where the harpoons come in. Push a harpoon into the end of the canon, aim, and fire. Imaginext Mega Mouth Shark Side View The canon will launch the harpoon 2-3 feet across the room. The canon can be aimed up and down, but not side to side. The sword accessory fits perfectly in the shark rider’s hand, and the pirate flag attaches to his power pad. The shark has a movable tail as well as movable fins. Related Toys: Imaginext Shark Bite Pirate Ship, Imaginext Walking Croc and Pirate Hook, Imaginext Blackbeard’s Lair
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Things I Liked

I especially like the Mega Mouth Shark Canon, and it’s a lot of fun to launch the harpoons and see how far you can get them to go. I started aiming at a bin across the room and testing how far away I could get and still shoot them into the bin. The power pad is cool for opening and closing the shark’s mouth, and the shark rider is removable, which is also a neat feature. Imaginext Mega Mouth Shark Review
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Things I Didn't Like

I feel like Mega Mouth Shark has a lot more value if he is paired with the other parts of this Imaginext series. It is a lot of fun to do things like aim the harpoons across the room, but since the Shark only comes with two you are constantly retrieving and reloading the canon. It’s also somewhat of a concern that the harpoons, flag and sword could be a potential choking hazard for children younger than 3 years old if you have younger children in the house. Imaginext Mega Mouth Shark What I Didint Like
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Appropriate Ages

Mega Mouth Shark is made for kids older than 3. The age range on the packaging is 3-8 years, and I think this will hold true if he is paired with other figures from the Imaginext series that includes the Mega Mouth Shark. This toy is definitely not appropriate for children younger than 3, as the accessories can become a choking hazard in the right situation. If I was to guess the ideal age, I think this set would make a perfect toy for a 5 year old.
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Final Note on the Imaginext Mega Mouth Shark

My opinion of the Mega Mouth Shark is that it is a fun addition to a set, but may not have a lot of repeated playtime by itself. I found ways to make the toy fun by creating challenges with the canon and the harpoon launching capabilities, but the power pad opening and closing his mouth becomes boring after some time when it’s played all on its own. I think it is a cool toy and it was fun to play with, but I would definitely consider buying other pieces to the set if you want your child to get a longer play value. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aN2-vxA7E9c

  1. Kelsey says:
    Entertaining and good value

    I actually really like this whole Imaginext set based on this pirate and creature theme. The Imaginext Mega mouth shark is entertaining and has enough moving parts to keep him interactive and let your imagination run wild. I am thinking that in order to keep the Mega Mouth shark relevant I will need to invest in the other pieces, however looking at the set, it seems they are all reasonably priced so that is a huge plus for me!

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