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Imaginext DC Super Friends Super Hero Flight City

By Kelsey

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Kids love to watch their favorite superhero friends and they love playing with them even more! As a big DC and Marvel comics buff myself, I was excited to tear into the Fisher-Price Imaginext DC Super Friends Super Hero Flight City and start playing. This set is enormous in the box and offers a lot of moving pieces and entertainment for hours.

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The Fisher-Price Super Hero Flight City comes boxed attractively and proudly displays all the different features it has to offer. The box is huge, as is the play set, and you will need to budget a bit of time to get this open. I can’t complain about the time it takes to unbox and set this up. It comes with the territory of a large and highly diverse play set. You will need a good pair of scissors to remove the toy from the packaging since a lot of it is secured via plastic zip ties. fisher-price imaginext unboxing When you unbox the play set you will notice a red electronic cord going through the packaging from Wayne Tower to the helicopter for the demo mode. Do not worry when this separates and stays behind in the packaging. That is the intent. Once you install the four AA batteries in the helicopter base you will no longer need this and it can be disposed of with the packaging. The Super Hero Flight City requires a total of six AA to function. Four AA batteries in the helicopter base, as I said, and 2 in Wayne Tower to power the power pad and sound effects. Once all put together the Super Hero Flight City offers almost unlimited entertainment. It has many moving pieces, sliding doors and sound effects for many hours of entertainment.
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The Playtime Experience

Playing with the Fisher-Price Imaginext DC Super Friends Super Hero Flight City is great, it is very entertaining and full of surprises. There are so many moving parts, sliding doors, and levels to each side of play set, I can easily see kids of many ages being entertained for hours. Included in the packaging is a Superman and Batman action figure that interact with the several power pads located throughout the play set. imaginext super hero flight city The theme of the Super Hero Flight City is of course the Flight. In the center of this play set is a large arm that swings 360 degrees to power the helicopter action. Using the power pad on Wayne Tower you can activate the helicopter and watch it fly around your Flight City while carrying one of the included action figures.
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Things I Liked

I like the DC comics brand and I love the Fisher-Price Imaginext toys. Fisher-Price does an awesome job with these toys in my opinion. They keep them durable and parent friendly and include enough details to keep kids entertained for hours. The Super Hero Flight City is great in each of these points. It’s durable design means it will last during all the rough, Superhero-themed play it is bound to see. Fisher-Price is great and making toys that kids actually want to play with and in my opinion this toy is very kid driven and guaranteed to be a hit.
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Things I Didn't Like

I can’t even count how many times I have said I dislike battery eating toys. The Fisher-Price Imaginext DC Super Friends Super Hero Flight City requires 6 to perform the flight function and sound effects. I like the toy but could do without having yet another apparatus that eats my batteries and keeps me running to the store for value packs of AA’s. Also, the Flight City is a large toy. This is a plus and a minus in my book. I think it being so large has its appeal to children as obviously the more acreage on a toy, the more there is to do. The minus comes in regarding the storage of this toy. It takes up a lot of space and isn’t very portable so plan on dedicating an entire shelf to the storage of Super Hero Flight City.
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Appropriate Ages

Fisher-Price is recommending this toy for ages 3-8. This recommendation is appropriate because there are some small accessory pieces included that present a choking hazard. I think that it definitely holds value for children in the 3-8 age ranges and possibly even beyond. That’s a huge plus in my book since there aren’t very many toys out there that can entertain your 3 year old and your 8 year old equally.
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Super Hero Flight City Review: Worth it?

Although the Fisher-Price Imaginext DC Super Friends Super Hero Flight City is a bit pricey I think for the years of replay on this toy it can definitely be worth the money. My son loves toys that have lots of moving parts to hold his attention and if that’s the case for your child then I would say the Super Hero Flight City is a guaranteed hit. The durable design is very parent friendly, even if the battery eating isn’t. All things considered, I would purchase this again in a heartbeat. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G_E-ktchmr0

  1. Kelsey says:
    Entertainment galore

    The Fisher-Price Imaginext Super Hero Flight City is enormous! There are almost unlimited possibilities with this toy and it is hugely entertaining. There are so many moving parts just between the Superman and Wayne Tower portions of this play set the entertainment and imaginative possibilities are almost endless. Add in the awesome flight feature and you’ve got yourself a winner of a toy!

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