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Munchkin Mozart Magic Cube (Simple but entertaining and educational!)

By Kelsey

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My son loves toys that are musically inclined. I love to give him toys like the Munchkin Mozart Magic Cube because I can use the toy to teach basics about music, instruments and even colors.

Age Range: Baby and Baby, 1, 2, 3, 4 year olds
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It was easy to remove the Mozart Magic Cube from the package however, you will need a good pair of scissors to do so. The Cube is secured in the package with a plastic zip tie on the bottom. Once clipped however, the Magic Cube is ready to go. It is packaged with batteries in place and ready for play. Munchkin Mozart Magic Cube
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The Playtime Experience

The Munchkin Mozart Magic Cube has an on/off switch and two volume settings. Each side has a large brightly colored button with the picture and name of an instrument on it. The top button is red and shows all the instruments together. You can start one of the many songs included by hitting any button. If you start with the top, red button the song will play with all the instruments. As you press the buttons along the other sides you can add or subtract an instrument from the song. Mozart Magic Cube Review
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Things I Liked

I like that this toy can be used to teach primary colors and some basics about music, instruments and sound.
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Things I Didn't Like

I actually dislike nothing about the Munchkin Mozart Magic Cube.
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Appropriate Ages

The Munchkin Mozart Magic Cube is a great gift for any age. It is rated for players 0+ so it can be used for any age or stage.
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Final Note

I really liked the Munchkin Mozart Magic Cube this type of toy is great for development and can be used for a variety of ages and developmental stages. It is cute and has enough songs where it isn’t extremely repetitive. I also liked the ability to control the volume, which can help a lot when it becomes your child’s favorite. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VwsG2QehVW0 (You may also like: 100 Brilliant Toys for Your Little Toddler Einstein)

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