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NumNoms Lip Gloss Truck

By Kelsey

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As a little girl I used to love doing crafts with my mom and a crafting toy was even better. The NumNoms Lipgloss truck is an adorable toy as part of the NumNoms series and it combines my two favorite things: playing and crafting.

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Unboxing the NumNoms Lipgloss truck is nothing short of a nightmare. It is secured by layers of plastic, tape, and clear plastic zip ties and it was terrible. I would not buy this toy without going for that frustration free packaging option. It is not worth the effort to unbox it in standard packaging. I had scissors and still needed a nap afterwards! lip gloss truck unboxing When you finally get it unboxed it really is nothing short of adorable. It comes with a limited edition cherry scoop num and three noms which are designed like ice cream scoops and attach to your lip gloss containers. The lip gloss containers stay on theme by being an ice cream bowl and two ice cream cones, and when attached to the nom tops they are nothing short of absolutely adorable. Also included is a hidden stirrer which, spoiler alert, is the cherry top to the cupcake sitting on top of your NumNoms lip gloss truck. The top comes off the cupcake and the base is your mixing bowl and the cherry is your stirring stick. Also included are two flavoring “syrups” in cherry and vanilla as well as a shaker of glitter “sprinkles” and the lip gloss base. The tray for the lip gloss containers fits inside the truck for easy transport when driving the truck around.
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The Playtime Experience

The playtime experience with the NumNoms Lipgloss truck is a very cute and fun crafting experience. Understandably, the crafting experience can’t be the only way you play with this toy so everything does load up into the Num Nom’s lip gloss truck and it rolls around for transporting its cuteness and your lip gloss wherever your child’s heart desires. numnoms lip gloss truck Realistically though, the main fun in this toy comes from making “soft serve” lip gloss with your Num Nom’s lip gloss truck. The instruction manual makes this easy and fun. Basically you divide out your lip gloss base, and add flavoring syrup and glitter “sprinkles”. When you’ve mixed everything together you press the lip gloss through the dispenser on the top of your truck and voila! NumNom Lip Gloss custom made by you and your child. The process is fun and easy which is a huge plus when you are working with young children. Though beware of the mess during the lip gloss transfer and subsequent clean up!
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Things I Liked

I love that the Num Nom Lip gloss truck has the ability to make several lip glosses and that it perfects the ice cream theme to a tee. It is cute through and through, and obviously well made. The wheels run smoothly and everything fits together just as it should. The flavorings smell delicious and the lip gloss noms with their containers just couldn’t get any cuter!
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Things I Didn’t Like

I don’t like that the Num Nom lip gloss truck doesn’t come with more lip gloss containers. While you can make 8 total lip glosses before you run out of supplies, the Num Nom lip gloss truck only comes with three containers. This means that your child actually has to use a decent amount of lip gloss before they can play with the Num Noms Lip gloss truck for its intended usage again. I think it could have been better with some sort of music or sounds as well. As a mom I am concerned about where the Num Noms lip gloss truck gets played with. It’s more appropriate for an easy clean surface like a table or hard wood/tile floor. Carpeting and furniture will not mix as both the lip gloss and the flavoring are sticky and water resistant.
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Appropriate Ages

The NumNoms lip gloss truck is rated for children older than 3, the stirrer could potentially be a choking hazard for children younger than that. There is no max age on the Num Nom Lip gloss truck but I would guess this to be around 8-10. I think that the lip gloss making is entertaining for a wide range of ages but I think once the lip gloss is made the NumNoms truck loses its luster and just becomes an adorable ice cream truck that you can push around the floor.
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Lip Gloss Truck Review: Worth it?

I love the NumNoms lipgloss truck purely because it’s cute. But when I take a step back I can objectively say I am not sure it is worth the price. This toy is adorable but it has an expiration date on its replay value. You can make lip gloss three times before it becomes nothing more than an adorable truck that will likely be shelved in your child’s room 90% of the time once the lip gloss balm is completely gone. For this mom this toy is too expensive and doesn’t have enough replay value to justify the cost. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c50IBhiDIeE

  1. Kelsey says:
    Pricey yet adorable

    Adorable toys always get me and the NumNoms LipGloss Truck is no exception. The ice cream truck theme is very well carried through each piece and I think being able to make your own lipgloss is a very cool feature. That being said, I think that the price tag on this toy is too expensive for the limits of its play time. I can’t make lipgloss forever and since that is the main purpose of the truck, I foresee it becoming a decoration at the bottom of a toy box after a limited time.

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