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SELFIE MIC Music Set Review (A few things I’d change)

By Alex

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Social media is a great place to share your talents, whether they are painting, photography or singing, social media has become a great networking tool for many. The SELFIE MIC Music Set allows you to share your talents while singing to today’s top charting hits. This convenient toy allows you to have ear piece, mic and studio all in one, while you look great doing it.

Age Range: 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 year olds
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The SELFIE MIC set is attractively packaged and displayed so all pieces are clearly shown. It is easy to unbox by cutting through a couple small pieces of tape and removing the packaging insert. Once removed you have an ear piece, and microphone/selfie stick that is all one unit. Mine was in black so the cell phone holder was black and the microphone was gold and black. Selfie Mic Music Set
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The Playtime Experience

In order to play with the SELFIE MIC Music Set you will need a cell phone (Apple or Android) with the Starmaker App downloaded. The ear piece will connect to a mic jack in the bottom of the microphone and the microphone has a 3.5mm jack at the end of the selfie stick. This jack is the one that connects to your phone and allows you to record. Upon opening the app you will have several songs to choose from and the option to link a Google account to allow sharing with friends. The Starmaker App allows you to record yourself singing several top tracks and your earn tokens for playing. You can then use these tokens to purchase additional songs to sample. The selfie stick with the MIC set is telescopic so you can get a close up or film from a different angle. Unfortunately, when you play with the Starmaker App you will have to suffer through a lot of ads. Some of which were quite suggestive for a child’s toy. Selfie Mic Music Set Review
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Things I Liked

I like that the SELFIE MIC Music Set allows you to listen to the music in the ear piece while you sing along. I think that makes the quality of the play experience way better. I like that some of top hits are on the list of songs for free and I like that the selfie stick can accommodate most phones in landscape mode.
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Things I Didn't Like

I didn’t like the Starmaker App. The ads were long and there was no way to skip past them. Some of the ads were suggestive and it could definitely use improvement in this department. Additionally, when I tested the mic on a regular recording app, the sound quality was fairly good. However, when I was recording with the Starmaker App I consistently noticed a lag in the recording when paired with the music and the music was often turned up very loud so that I could barely hear what I recorded. Maybe I was doing something wrong but I felt this was a classic case of great product, poor execution, where the app was concerned.
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Appropriate Ages

The SELFiE MIC Music Set is marketed for kids older than 8 years old. But I would caution against the use of the Starmaker app even for these older kids since a lot of the ads therein were suggestive even for an adult.
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Final Note

My final feelings on the SELFIE MIC is that I really wanted to like this toy and I had fun playing and taking pictures using it. However, the app really ruined it for me. I had fun until I was waiting through lengthy ads before and after every song. Also maybe I was doing something wrong but I thought the point was to hear yourself sing to popular songs. I couldn’t hear anything except the background music and small clips of me softly singing in the background. Maybe the app knew I was a bad singer and turned me down on purpose! Either way, I would only buy this set again if I knew there were serious improvements on the App side of things. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i4tyTcZZ97M (You may also like: AirJamz App-Enabled Bluetooth Music Toy)

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