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Playstation VR Review (See what it looks like here!)

By Kelsey

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Virtual reality headsets are becoming the new way to play your favorite games. This type of gaming is totally immersive and can be a lot of fun. The makers at Playstation have cashed in on this type of gaming and with the new Playstation 4 they bring us the Playstation VR.

Age Range: 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18+ year olds
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The Playstation VR comes in a very large and well packaged box. The box is sturdy and great for keeping around for storage in between play sessions. Along with the VR glasses themselves the Playstation VR comes with all the necessary power source, USB and connection cords you will need to get started as well as a demo disc. However, you can’t just plug and play with the Playstation VR, you will need a few accessory pieces that must be bought separately. At the very minimum, you will need the Playstation camera, a Sony Playstation Dualshock controller and VR capable games. However, be warned that you may also need to invest in the Playstation Move wands in order to effectively play some VR capable games. Playstation VR
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The Playtime Experience

The Playstation does a pretty good job of walking you through set up with the VR gaming experience. Once you do all the necessary wiring of the VR box to the HDMI port in your television and through the Playstation 4, you will come to a series of setup screens. The setup walks you through the proper way to wear your VR goggles as well as how to adjust them for a comfortable fit. Once you have the VR goggles set up you will be given a screen projected by the Playstation camera, the goal here is to calibrate your orientation to the camera so it can follow your movements properly. The Playstation VR goggles come with ear buds as well so your experience is guaranteed to fully immerse you in your game play world. Your friends can also watch the experience in 2D form since the images you see on the VR are also mirrored to the television. I would definitely recommend starting with something easy on the demo disc, like the Worlds game which has a great sea diving experience. You’ll want to get oriented to how everything looks and feels when you are in such a 3D experience because it can be easy to get disoriented or dizzy. Also, make sure you stay seated during your game play since you cannot see anything around you while wearing the VR goggles. Playstation VR Review
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Things I Liked

I think Playstation did an amazing job with the graphics and the details of this gaming experience. I really enjoyed playing and it was sometimes hard to remember it was just a game! Every detail is thought of, for example, while doing the underwater tour in the demo mode you are slowly lowered through the ocean and have the opportunity to observe several types of sea creature. Everything is responsive including the headlight on your head shining light whereever you look, right down to the bubbles from your diving suit.
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Things I Didn't Like

The cords and set up is a bit cumbersome with the Playstation VR. There are A LOT of cords and wired involved in just operating this game. I can’t really find any good way to store this game in between play sessions without dismantling and storing the goggles (and all the cordage that goes with it) away from the entertainment area. Also this set is quite costly to start with without the need for all the accessory pieces. I really enjoyed the play experience but the cost was racking up quite quickly by the time I had purchased the VR set, game, camera….etc.
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Appropriate Ages

Use for children under 12 is not recommended with the Playstation VR. Most VR headsets on the market are recommending that child players be over 13 before they play due to their developing eye sight and the strain that long playtimes with these devices can cause. I can see this because in my experience, after about 20 minutes of playtime I needed a break. My eyes felt somewhat strained after that 20 minutes or so, as a mom I would be concerned about strain for little eyes.
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Final Note

I actually really enjoyed having the opportunity to play with the Playstation VR. Playstation did an amazing job with the game graphics and the whole experience. It really is completely immersive and a quality experience. The goggles are comfortable to wear and durably made. The cost is a factor since you do have to purchase so much just to operate them and I would make sure you take frequent breaks due to the possible eye strain and motion sickness it can cause. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HeIBQEFMRTM (You may also like: 21 Coolest Racing Drones for Tech-Loving Kids and Teens)

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