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Slimy Factory Science Experiment Kit (An All in One Slime Kit)

By Kelsey

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Slime is a huge hit among kids right now. One quick Google search will find you 100’s of recipes for DIY slime of all kinds. The Slimy Factory Science Experiment Kit by Science4You gives you the opportunity to create slime and other squishy gross activities for a low price and a whole lot of fun. The best part? All the necessary ingredients are in the box!


Age Range: 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 year olds
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The box for the Slime Factory is actually a work station as well. It opens easily and can easily be used to store the ingredients in between play sessions and activities. Included in the kit is all the instructions for each activity, all the ingredients and all the safety equipment for proper PPE. Science4You Slime Factory
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The Playtime Experience

There are several possible activities with the Science4You Slimy Factory Science Experiment Kit. I was able to make the multiplying monster experiment with calcium chloride and sodium alginate. The instructions are very easy to follow and walk you through the experiment and then the “why” of the experiment explaining how the chemicals work together and why you get that result. Slime Factory Review
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Things I Liked

I LOVE that this set has all the necessary equipment and ingredients for the experiments. I needed to provide water but that was about it!
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Things I Didn't Like

I don’t have anything I dislike about this set. It is one of the better science kits I have opened and I really liked that it came with the PPE. That was a cute touch.
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Appropriate Ages

Science4you is recommending this play set for science enthusiasts 8 years of age and older.
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Final Note

I give the Slimy Factory Science Experiment Kit by Science4You two thumbs up. This is a great kit that is concise, inexpensive and great for budding young science lovers. It offers several gross experiments and a great way to store set in between play times. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1bdIfHvoCb4 (You may also like: 25 Best Science Experiment Kits for Kids)

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