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The Secret Life of Pets – Gidget and Max Talking Plush Buddies

By Kelsey

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The new movie The Secret Life of Pets is a story all about the secret interworking of our favorite four-legged friends. With its release on DVD and Blue-Ray just around the corner it is sure to be a new favorite at home. I had the chance to play with two of the main characters with The Secret Life of Pets – Gidget and Max Talking Plush Buddies.

Age Range: 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 year olds
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I would recommend having a good pair of scissors handy during your unboxing with Gidget and Max. They are secured in the packages with several plastic ties so you’ll need to clip these to remove them from their cardboard packages. Max came with instructions however there weren’t any in my package with Gidget. They are also packaged in a demo mode so you can try them both and listen to some of their funny sayings. Secret Life of Pets Gidget and Max Talking Plush Buddies
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The Playtime Experience

Once out of the package you can switch both Gidget and Max into their “on” position using their sound packs in their tummy. Both plushes’ sound packs are secured behind a Velcro closure in their tummy that can turn their sounds on and off. Once on both Max and Gidget have a series of sayings from the movie which they say when they are squeezed or tipped. I didn’t find either plush friend to be very loud so I liked that as a parent. Both Gidget and Max are very soft and cuddly, perfect for becoming your young ones next favorite friend. They are just 2 pieces of a 3 piece collection from the Secret Life of Pets. The 3rd piece was the scary-looking Crazy Snow Ball rabbit. Gidget and Max Talking Plush Buddies Review
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Things I Liked

I liked that Max and Gidget both were soft, snuggly and not too loud. I think they are a great addition to any child’s plush collection.
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Things I Didn't Like

The tipping sensor is quite sensitive with both toys. I had them in my car on a brief errand run and I could hear them going off every time there was a slight bump in the road. Again, they aren’t too loud but that was a bit annoying.
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Appropriate Ages

The Secret Life of Pets - Gidget and Max Talking Plush Buddies are recommended for kids 4 and older. In my personal opinion I think this is easily one of those “one-size fits all” toys. There really isn’t any choking hazard for younger kids and my toddler really liked how soft they were. He also really liked that they spoke to him when he hugged them so I don’t see any reason why a child should be 4 before they can enjoy these plushes.
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Final Note

I am really excited to bring the new The Secret Life of Pets movie home. Now that we have the Max and Gidget Talking Plush Buddies my son will have friends right from the movie while he watches along. I wouldn’t hesitate to purchase the whole collection since they were so reasonably priced. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O3UmNadUyPU (You may also like: 17 Cute Secret Life of Pets Plush Toys)

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