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11 Colorful DIY Unicorn Bath Bombs for a Joy-Filled Rainbow Bath

By Kelsey

Bath bombs are relatively easy to make, and they’re always gratefully received because who doesn’t like relaxing in a fizzing, fragrant tub? But things get even more exciting when you make unicorn bath bombs, whether that’s in the iconic colors of pink, blue, and purple, or a shimmery gold version in the shape of a horn. Every DIY idea listed here will add whimsy to the water, and result in a joy filled rainbow bath that’s as magical as the creatures themselves.

Unicorn Horn Bath Bomb

Put a popsicle mold to good use and make some of these glittery unicorn horn bath bombs to give as gifts or party favors, using nourishing coconut oil, witch hazel, and relaxing Epsom salts.

Hidden Rainbow Unicorn Bath Bombs

Add a few drops of brightly colored soap dye into the middle of these fizzy unicorn charm bath bombs, and they’ll have a real-life rainbow to soak themselves in.

Unicorn Frappuccino Bath Bomb

These. Are. Adorbs! Teeny tiny Starbucks unicorn frappuccino bath fizzers, which have layers of delicate pinks, blues, and purples, and even come with a real meringue and sugar topping and decadent sprinkles.

Easy Unicorn Bath Bomb

Made with skin-nourishing coconut oil and detoxifying Epsom salts, these bath bombs can be ‘painted’ with mica in blues, pinks, and purples to form an abstract but beautiful unicorn design.

Unicorn Bath Dust

This unicorn bath dust contains all the fun ingredients of a bath bomb, but is layered in a pretty jar to be sprinkled on top of the water, just like magical fairy dust.

Muffin Tin Unicorn Bath Bombs

These bath bombs are a little bit different (and easier to make) than normal spherical bath bombs, and are a wonderful and practical unicorn craft for little ones to try.

Unicorn Poop Bath Bombs

Did you know that unicorn poop is great for the skin? These little dollops of magical motions are packed with skin-friendly ingredients, and even have glitter added for a touch of magical sparkle.

Round Rainbow Unicorn Bath Bombs

Not only do these rainbow bath bombs look spectacular, but they are brimming with wonderful ingredients, including cocoa butter, coconut oil, and bentonite clay (and of course, a little unicorn magic, too).

Cupcake Bath Bombs

Ok, so cupcakes are good, but a couple of bites and they’re gone. THESE ones will last a whole lot longer, though, as they’re made with a whole lotta unicorn bath bomb ingredients.

Golden Unicorn Horn Bath Bombs

The unicorn’s horn is probably the most iconic magical symbol there is, so why not use that to your advantage by making horn-shaped golden bath bombs to entice the kids into the tub?

Quick and Easy Colorful Unicorn Bath Bombs

There’s something so enchanting about unicorn colors – the way the pinks, blues, and purples all swirl together – and these bath bombs use skin-friendly colors to create that magical fairy tale effect.


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