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Air Hogs-Helix Sentinel Review (Easy to fly!)

By Kelsey

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Drones are becoming one of the most popular RC toys on the market right now. Their popularity is largely due to their easy maneuverability and appeal to a wide range of RC fans. The Air Hogs-Helix Sentinel boasts all the common features of a great drone, and much more.

Age Range: 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 year olds
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The packaging for the Helix Sentinel is also the carrying case you will continue to use for its protection. Simply remove the paper labels from the store and open the case. Inside is the Drone, a remote control, and a headset that can be used with your smart phone for first person views.

Air Hogs Helix Sentinel

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The Playtime Experience

Of all the Drones I have had opportunity to fly, the Air Hogs-Helix Sentinel was by far the easiest. I think that this drone was exceptionally simple to fly and navigate. I had issues with the application though, so I can’t effectively give comment to the camera or the application. The application downloaded quickly and it wasn’t a large file, but once it was open it kept asking me to “scan the device”. However, no amount of scanning, turning on/off, connecting the remote, etc., made the device recognize the drone so I could play. I couldn’t find any troubleshooting information, so I am not sure why my drone wouldn’t connect to the app. I did like that this drone came equipped with the camera and is video capable. It can also record pictures and videos to its included 4GB micro SD card.

Air Hogs Helix Sentinel Review

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Things I Liked

I loved the maneuverability of the Helix Sentinel. I am the worst at flying drones and RC toys and I could easily maneuver this drone. I loved the easy launch and land features, and that the drone is rechargeable.

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Things I Didn't Like

I didn’t like the application on my phone. Every time I opened my screen the app loaded and asked to connect to the device, which after much troubleshooting it still wouldn’t do.

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Appropriate Ages

This drone is rated for flyers over the age of 10. However, this is one of the easier drones I have ever played with, so I think even younger ages may be able to safely navigate it. It’s just whether you would want them to due to the price point of the unit.

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Final Note

This Air Hogs-Helix Sentinel Drone is by far my favorite drone to fly so far. I really liked how easy it was to fly, but I wish I could have gotten the app to work correctly so I could fully test the camera (which is supposed to be the best part).

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