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MOTA JetJat Ultra Drone Review (Worth the hefty price?)

By Kelsey

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Drones and robotics are some of the hottest toys on the market right now. MOTA brings us a cute, “mini” drone with great camera features with the MOTA JetJat Ultra.

Age Range: 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 year olds
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The JetJat Ultra is boxed in a small box. Once opened there is a remote, phone holder and the drone itself. The drone conveniently and safely stores in a clear box in the center of the remote control which is great. Also included is a removable bumper, USB charger, replacement propellers and a sizeable instruction manual.  
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The Playtime Experience

It takes quite a bit just to get ready for playtime with the JetJat Ultra. It first must be charged with the USB charger and batteries must be installed in the remote control. Once charged the JetJat must be linked to both the remote control and the JetJat app on your mobile device. The App allows you to follow the JetJat Ultra’s camera and issue commands for flying. The camera seems rather good on the JetJat and the picture seems both steady and clear even during flight. The app is supposed to allow you to control the drone, use it with a VR headset and record video/pictures from the drone’s perspective. I didn’t personally find that the app worked very well for anything other than the pictures/video functions. The instruction manual is several pages long and includes information about sensitivity to other Wi-Fi networks and the possible interference with the Drone’s function. I found that just the Wi-Fi in my home seemed to have a large impact on the JetJat’s flying ability. It seemed to have lagged or limited response to the remote control and little to no response to the phone app. Flying the JetJat Ultra had a small learning curve but was relatively easy once I was able to practice a bit. The unfortunate part is that a full charge only gets you 4-5 minutes of flying time so just as I was starting to learn the controls. I had to stop in order to charge the unit.  
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Things I Liked

I love that the MOTA JetJat Ultra can be conveniently stored in the remote control. It keeps things safe and prevents damage which is a huge bonus when you are spending a decent amount of money on this technology. I love the look the JetJat Ultra because it is so tiny and lightweight. I am a sucker for all things small and adorable and this drone fits the bill!
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Things I Didn't Like

I don’t like how little actual play time you get with a full charge on the MOTA JetJat. 5 minutes is not enough for me to justify the price and the time spent prepping to play with this toy. I spent more time setting up the toy between charging, the linking to the remote, and installing/linking the app, than I spent actually playing with this toy. Also it is VERY sensitive to interference from other WI-FI networks. I found it frustrating to fly since it was interfering so bad in my home but is too small to withstand windy conditions outside. It is fall in Michigan currently, so really it is never NOT windy at the moment. The flying experience just wasn’t my favorite with this drone toy. There are several features to this toy that I was hesitant to try due to its size and seeming fragility. For example, the MOTA JetJat is supposed to have a throw to fly feature however, I was too afraid it wouldn’t respond to test this feature out.
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Appropriate Ages

The MOTA JetJat Ultra is being recommended for children 8 years and older. I would highly recommend the usage of the removable bumper since there is a learning curve when flying this drone. Also it is important to note that you should be up on currently laws and regulations involving the usage of drones in your area. In Michigan, any drone under .55lb is considered a toy and free to use. The MOTA JetJat is very small and lightweight so this is not an issue in this case. However, if this or any other drone were to weigh over that weight limit, I would have to register my device with the Federal Aviation Administration for a fee. I then have to take the registration number and include it on the device. There are several laws in my state about when and where the drone can be used. Many of them fall to common sense such as not flying them or recording over areas where there is expected to be a “degree of privacy” such as over the fence into your neighbor’s yard/windows. You also may not fly near airports, over people’s heads at sporting events or in other public places based on where they are located. Additionally, if a drone is over a certain size limit you may need to receive a special certification and training before you can fly.
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Final Note

Being totally honest, when I am shopping for a drone toy I probably won’t go for the MOTA JetJat Ultra again. I felt it was too expensive for only 5 minutes of play and the high sensitivity issue made it truly difficult to enjoy playing with it. I loved the size the convenience of the storage but, my enjoyment of this device stopped there. I feel there needs to be more flight time and a better way to link the devices in order for the JetJat to be worth in for me. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=taUt0CyGt_Q (You may also like: 20 Best Kid-Friendly Drones That Won't Break with One Crash)

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