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Alex Toys Do-it-Yourself Wear Ultimate Tie Dye & Wear Review

By Kelsey

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Tie dye was super popular when I was a kid and as hard as it is to believe I am seeing the trend come around again! The Alex Toys Do-it-Yourself Wear Ultimate Tie Dye & Wear is a super easy, all-inclusive kit that makes it super easy to make your own awesome creations.

Age Range: 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 year olds
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This Tie Dye kit is packaged in a clear packaging where you can see everything before you even open the package. Once you open the box you can pull the plastic insert out and it makes the perfect little work station to keep things organized while you work. Included in the kit are several colored dye powders, rubber bands and plastic ties, instructions and two potential projects. A white infinity scarf and a white bag. Alex Toys Do it Yourself Wear Ultimate Tie Dye and Wear
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The Playtime Experience

You have to add water to each of the dyes in order to use them. Keep in mind that if you mix them they are best if used within 24 hours of mixing. If you store them they will lose some of their potency and may not “stay” as well in the fabric. The instructions show you several different kinds of tie dye techniques depending on the look you are going for. I decided to make an all purple infinity scarf with a fan tie dye pattern. The only things I had to supply was a way to wet down the scarf before starting, a cookie sheet to contain the mess and a large gallon sized bag. You wet down the material before hand and wring it out. Then you start folding and tying it in your desired pattern. Once that is done, make sure you wear your gloves, and you can start dying the material. After dying it has to set for 24 hours in the gallon size bag before you hand wash and dry it. Ultimate Tie Dye and Wear Review
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Things I Liked

I really like that the kit comes with two options but enough dye and supplies to make multiple projects of your choice.
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Things I Didn't Like

I didn’t really like the gloves that came with this kit and the fact that it only comes with one set. The gloves don’t fit well and I still ended up with dye on my hands. So I would recommend getting your own nitrile gloves beforehand.
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Appropriate Ages

Alex toys has listed 8 and older as the recommended age for their tie dye kit.
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Final Note

I really like how my purple infinity scarf turned out. The Alex Toys Do-it-Yourself Wear Ultimate Tie Dye & Wear made it super easy and a lot of fun. Other than the glove issue, I think this is a great little set. There is plenty of dye and rubber bands to go around so you could even do this in a group or do multiple projects at one time. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A-GUYFET4QM (You may also like: Rachels Art Candle Making Kit)

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