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Color-in Glitter Tattoos by Creativity for Kids (A Slumber Party Must!)

By Kelsey

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Temporary tattoos were really big when I was young and it remains a great way for kids to express themselves and have fun. The Color-in Glitter Tattoos kit by Creativity for Kids is a great kit that takes temporary tattoos to the next level with plenty to share with friends!

Age Range: 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 year olds
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Once you open the main box on this Creativity for Kids set it is easy to pull out the contents. Inside the box are several sheets of temporary tattoos of various designs, 4 color-in skin markers and some loose glitter for decorating the temporary tattoo when it is on. Color-In Glitter Tattoos Creativity for Kids
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The Playtime Experience

To play you must first choose a temporary tattoo to use. Once you have made your choice, use a pair of scissors to cut it away from the sheet. Remove the plastic covering from the tattoo and place face down on your skin. Use a wet sponge or washcloth and press down firmly on the back of the tattoo for 30 seconds. Once the back of the tattoo is completely wet, carefully remove the paper backing and voila! A perfect temporary tattoo is left in its place. After your tattoo is on, you can remove it using rubbing alcohol or tape. However, if you decide to leave it on you can then use the skin markers to color in your tattoo or add glitter for added flair. Tattoo Review
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Things I Liked

I really like how many tattoo designs are included. There are four sheets of tattoos and there are multiple designs on each sheet. It leaves plenty for multiple tattoo placements, multiple play times and sharing with friends.
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Things I Didn't Like

I don’t really see the purpose or the value of the loose glitter. It seems that this would just be messy and get on your clothes. I would rather just use the tattoo and markers personally.
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Appropriate Ages

This glitter tattoo has an age recommendation on the box, it says it is for players 6-96. This set is great for everyone!
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Final Note

I had a lot of fun with the Color-in Glitter Tattoos Kit by Creativity for Kids. I chose a really cute heart tattoo and used the pink marker to trace the inside of each heart. It is really cute and has lasted quite well through showering and daily activities. I highly recommend this kit for a little creative fun with friends! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FrKByg9EbUE (You may also like: Creativity for Kids Glitter Nail Art Set)

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