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Hatchimals EGGventure Game (A Perfect Gift for Any Hatchimals Fan)

By Kelsey

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I had the opportunity to play with the Hatchimals EGGventure Game this week and I got 4 new exclusive CollEGGtibles. This game is very cute and actually does a good job of teaching all the names of the Hatchimals and which collections they are from, it makes a good reference for a collector of this new set!

Age Range: 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 year olds
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The game is easy to open and to set up. Inside the box there is a quad-folded game board with directions, egg-shaped playing cards and egg-shaped collectible cards for the game board. There are also 3 already opened CollEGGtiblesand one still in the egg that needs to be “hatched”.

Hatchimals EGGventure Game

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The Playtime Experience

The game play is simple and the set up takes just minutes. Set up requires that you take the small, egg-shaped game cards and place them all heart-side up. Make sure they are properly mixed and then place them all in the designated spaces on what the game calls the “giggle tree”. Then each player gets 5 regular-size egg cards and selects a CollEGGtibles to start in the cloud at the top.

The youngest player goes first by rolling the die and moving the appropriate number of spaces. The goal of the game is to look at the small-egg shaped cards and match them with the cards in your hand on your turn. A bonus comes when you land in what the game refers to as the “nesting” areas. These areas are really just spaces along the board that represent the different collections of CollEGGtibles, think things like Jungle, Farm, Savannah…etc. When you land in one of these spaces you can turn over all the cards on the “giggle tree” that belong to that family. If any of them match to cards in your hand you get to take those as “hatched” cards for yourself. At the end of the game he with the most “hatched” cards wins!

EGGventure Game Review

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Things I Liked

I like all the little egg-shaped cards and how they not only have the collection but also the name of the different CollEGGtibles on them. I didn’t see any names when I bought the blind pack a few weeks ago so it was kind of nice to find some names!

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Things I Didn't Like

Once you open the box the front display ends up being open. So you have to supply some sort of bag to hold the die and all the cards so they don’t fall out of the box and get lost.

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Appropriate Ages

This Hatchimal-themed game is recommended for players 5 and older.

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Final Note

The Hatchimals EGGventure Game is sure to please any little Hatchimals collector. The CollEGGtibles are new in the 2017 year and this game is great way to accumulate some exclusive CollEGGtibles or play with your favorites as your player piece. It keeps the collections relevant and I really like the little identity cards for each of the little Hatchimals characters.

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