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Lil Lockitz Best Friend Party Pack

By Kelsey

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Crafting play is a great way to spend a rainy afternoon or to spice up a slumber party. As a little girl I loved being able to make and create. This desire has followed me into my adult life, and that is why I love the idea of the Lil Lockitz Best Friend Party Pack for my children.

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Unboxing the Lil Lockitz Best Friend Party Pack was easy. The box is easily opened and inside there are several plastic bags that separate all the accessory pieces as well as the organizing tray. Setting up the whole set took me about 20 minutes due to all the small pieces. The small pieces include backgrounds, stickers, and gems that all need to be opened, separated and organized. lil lockitz unboxing
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The Playtime Experience

After separating all the pieces you can start making jewelry with the Lil Lockitz Party Pack. There are included instructions that show in both picture and easy to read writing, how to make the various types of jewelry available to you with this set. lil lockitz best friend party pack There are several different types of pictures, gems and colorful letters, which you can use the included tweezers to place in just the right spot. There are several backgrounds and cases to mix and match. Also very cool, you can great a background by printing one of your own pictures and using the stencil and cutting tool to get just the right size and shape. When you have picked your background, accessory pieces and case you then get to decide if you want to make your creation a key chain, necklace or bracelet. The Lil Lockitz Party Pack advertises being able to make at least 18 creations, though I think that the possibilities and combinations could easily go beyond that number. The only problem you would run into is running out of cases and the key chair, ribbons or necklace straps.
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Things I Liked

I like the Lil Lockitz Best Friend Party Pack a lot. I like that it is creating play that does not involve a screen and encourages children to use their imaginations, creativity and their hands. I love that this set can easily be used by multiple children to create the kinds of memories that last and the kind of memories I can relate back to my own childhood.
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Things I Didn’t Like

I really wish the organizer tray had a lid on it. I don’t have a problem with the toy at all but I think storage of this toy is going to be somewhat difficult. For now, I have the toy covered with press and seal wrap and that seems to be working okay. However, I really do wish that it had included a little better system for storing the small pieces after playtime is over.
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Appropriate Ages

The Lil Lockitz Best Friend Party Pack is recommended for children over 5 years of age. I definitely don’t feel that children under 5 would get the same value out of this toy and it definitely has a concern for choking hazards in very young children. Also I think it’s appropriate that the it has no age limit and simply posts its recommendation as older than 5. I can easily see the Lil Lockitz Party Pack having value until at least 12 years of age and possibly beyond.
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Lil Lockitz Best Friend Party Pack: Worth it?

My final review of the Lil Lockitz Best Friend Party Pack is a big two thumbs up! I have concerns about the storage of this toy but it isn’t enough for me to shy away from the toy in general. I love toys that encourage kids to use their imagination and use their hands to create. I think time away from flashy screens and television based entertainment is essential for kids to develop their problem solving and imagination abilities. I think it’s great as a rainy day activity or something to do for an overnight party with friends. I also think this is a good opportunity for child and parent play in a quiet atmosphere that encourages bonding, conversation and fun. I truly would not hesitate to buy this again for my family. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HXnj1oVMU38

  1. Kelsey says:
    Endless combinations

    The Lil Lockitz Best Friend Party Pack is great fun. The possibilities and combination are endless and it really allows children to express their own unique creativity. With enough accessories for many children to play at once, this is a great addition to any sleep over or rainy afternoon. It is even great for parent and child play time, no screens involved! I would buy this set again in a heartbeat.

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