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Trolls Art Journaling Set

By Kelsey

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I started journaling when I was about 7 years old and it is something I have continued to do well into my adult life. The Trolls Art Journaling Set is a great start to what can be a lifetime habit for any young child. It is colorful and keeps things fun with many stickers and of course the DreamWorks Trolls theme throughout.

Age Range:
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Unboxing the Trolls Art Journaling Set was extremely easy. I opened the box by removing a simple piece of tape and inside found the Trolls Journal and accompanying stickers and pen accessories all packaged in separate plastic bags. With quick use of my trusted scissors, I was able to open them and the Trolls Art Journaling Set was immediately ready for use. trolls unboxing
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The Playtime Experience

The playtime experience with Trolls Journaling Set is very reminisce of my first journal as a young girl. I love that the first several pages are interactive and have children create their own troll from looks to favorites and personality. They also have pages dedicated to writing about your favorite vacation, favorite memories and more. trolls art journaling set Also included in the Trolls Art Journaling Set are several stickers including Troll themed stickers, smiley face and emoji stickers and rolls of glitter sticker tape. The front of the journal is brightly colored Troll hair, which is an added detail that makes the set even more fun.
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Things I Liked

I love that the Trolls set encourages writing by directing children to write about specific events or asks them to use their imagination. For example, the page to create your own troll asks children to use their imagination to create everything from the way their troll looks to their favorite songs. It would be hard to make journaling fun for a younger child that is just getting started but the Trolls Art Journaling Set does a good job of this in my opinion.
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Things I Didn’t Like

I liked that the this journal has the brightly colored Troll hair front cover. But after several minutes of playing with the hair and opening and closing the book itself. I noticed that the area on my desk was covered in coarse and brightly colored strands of hair. As a mom, this shedding problem doesn’t excite me because I foresee it becoming on more thing I find embedded in my couch cushions and on the kitchen table.
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Appropriate Ages

This journaling set is recommended for children 7 years and older. I think this is accurate largely because 7 year olds are just starting to have enough motor control to write clearly in their new Trolls Art Journaling Set and this age mark is usually some of the first times kids become able to enjoy something like journaling. I have enjoyed it for years because it has often helped me learn to express my thoughts and feelings in a more clear and understandable way. I think this is a skill most children start to learn around this 7 year time period and it can be beneficial for children who he a hard time expressing themselves.
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Trolls Art Journaling Set: Worth it?

The shedding problem isn’t enough of an issue for me to consider this a bad buy. This Journal set is a great gateway set to open kids up to the idea of journaling and you never know, it may just be a habit they continue throughout their lifetime. I would gladly buy this again if given the opportunity. The accessories are a great additional bonus to an set that is already priced very well. Two thumbs up for the Trolls Art Journaling Set from this momma! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JGTJKF8Gewg

  1. Kelsey says:
    Great first journal

    The Dreamworks Trolls Journaling Art set is a great way to introduce children to the world of journaling. I love this set, the interactive pages and stickers keep things interesting even for beginning writers. The whole Journaling Art Set is great for encouraging creative thinking and writing skills early in life. Two thumbs up!

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