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My Little Pony Baby Flurry Heart

By Kelsey

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Playing with dolls and playing Mommy is a favorite among young children. A doll like the My little pony baby flurry heart makes this even more fun by interacting back with your young one and interacting with her included accessories.

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Even though my first shipment with baby flurry heart resulted in receipt without her necessary accessories. My good friends at Amazon.com were kind enough to overnight her to me and even shipped her in the frustration free version of her packaging. So unboxing wasn’t really an unboxing heart was shipped to me in a simple plastic bag and with a quick shear from my trusty scissors she was open and ready to play. The My little pony doll comes with her very own rattle and bottle which she knows and recognizes when you play with her. my little pony plush doll
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The Playtime Experience

Playing with the this toy is a lot of fun. She affectionately calls for her “mommy” and asks to play, cuddle and for her bottle. When you shake her rattle in front of her she recognizes it and giggles adorably. She will also ask to continue to play with her and for you to tickle her tummy which she responds to with a series of adorable baby giggles. My little pony baby flurry heart’s unicorn horn lights when she speaks and plays. Also, when you feed the My little pony baby flurry heart her bottle she will say thank you and will say things like, “so sleepy mommy”. If you feed her a little more and rock her she begins snoring shortly after. Sometimes if My little pony baby flurry heart is very hungry or sleepy she will even cry. She keeps children engaged by continuing to ask for care and playing along. Her voice is very sweet and as a parent although she doesn’t have volume control I do not find her to be very loud. Her sayings are not widely diversified but I don’t find them repetitive enough to be exhausting to listen to either. my little pony baby flurry heart
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Things I Liked

I liked playing with this My Little Pony plush because she is very cute and very soft. Her voice is sweet and calm and she really makes playing “mommy” a lot of fun. I love that she magically seems to recognize her rattle and giggle and I like the added feature of her horn lighting while she speaks and plays along. I also love that she asks for things like play, her bottle and sleep. I think that it keeps the game fun and interesting for longer periods of time which keeps this toy relevant with young children.
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Things I Didn't Like

The My little pony baby flurry heart doesn’t have many things that I dislike. I think that she could use more phrases and saying to keep things more diverse but because her voice is so sweet and she isn’t all that loud I don’t see this as a huge draw back.
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Appropriate Ages

This doll is marketed for children older than three. However, as a mom I don’t see any concern regarding having a child younger than three play with this toy. This toy has no small parts and I think that interest in playing with baby dolls and my little pony often comes long before the age of three. My small niece is not even 18 months old and she is obsessed with feeding, changing and sharing with her baby dolls. A toy like this would be perfect for her because I don’t have to worry about small parts as well as the various features of this doll like talking and interacting with her accessories give her a leg up on most baby dolls on the market. I would have no hesitation buying the My little pony baby flurry heart for a child younger than 3. Maximum age on this toy really is variable and I think it has a long age range of possibilities as children in preschool often still enjoy playing role playing games with dolls.
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Baby Flurry Heart Review: Worth it?

My final takeaway on this doll is easy to sum up. She is a good toy and a good buy if you are looking for a child friendly baby doll that will give your child hours of play time without breaking the bank. Her interactive features, sweet voice and giggles make her a sweet addition to any My little pony or baby doll collection. I love that she can be used for ages younger than her specified age of three and older because she doesn’t come with small parts that are a concern for choking. I wouldn’t hesitate to buy this toy again myself. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oqQSt0yhFAY

  1. Kelsey says:
    Hours of play potential

    My young niece loves to take care of her baby dolls. She loves to share her pacifier, bottles and blankets with her baby and often carries her around the house. I think that the My Little Pony Baby Flurry Heart is great for children who enjoy playing “baby” like my niece does. She is super interactive and very cute. I love that she interacts with her accessory pieces and keeps the game fun by asking for things. She is affordable and I foresee Baby Flurry Heart having hours of playtime value.

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