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Ideal Yuck-O Industries Make Your Own Body Gross Outs Kit

By Kelsey

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Science-themed toys are going to be really popular in the 2017 year and gross toys seem to get the most attention. With a name like Ideal Yuck-O Industries Make Your Own Body Gross Outs Kit I knew I had to try it. This set lives up to its gross name and provides several body based experiments with educational pieces to teach children about how their bodies work.


Age Range: 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 year olds
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The Body Gross Out Kit is packaged simply in a box and a large sealed bag inside. Everything is clearly labeled and easy to access. The instruction manual has quite an extensive list of additional items you have to supply in order to complete the experiments, and I had a packaging issue with mine. There are several food coloring tubes for the different experiments and mine were broken. The baggie with my magnifying glass, cotton swabs, and other needed items were ruined by being soaked in the spilled dye. Ideal Yuck-O Industries Make Your Own Body Gross Outs Kit Make Your Own Body Gross Outs Kit Review Body Gross Outs Kit
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Things I Liked

I liked that the experiments were body based and teach about how our bodies work and why.
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Things I Didn't Like

I was disappointed by my packaging issue which left me unable to do most of the experiments.
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Appropriate Ages

As with most of the science experiments this gross kit is recommended for science lovers over the age of 8.
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Final Note

Even though I wasn’t able to do most of the experiments I can see value in the Ideal Yuck-O Industries Make Your Own Body Gross Outs Kit. This kit educations about body functions and science while playing to kids love for science and gross science in particular. This set wasn’t very expensive, it did require some additional household and grocery items to do many of the experiments but the list wasn’t extensive and most were easily found around the house. If you are looking for education and fun the Yuck-O Body Gross Outs Kit is a good choice. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DnX5lX1X2sY (You may also like: EduScience Wacky Lab Super Gross Science)

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