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Matchbox Grow Pro Playset (Dual purpose toy! Seedling Tray and Truck!)

By Kelsey

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Matchbox isn’t just for small cars anymore. Matchbox is now introducing two of my favorites, trucks and gardening. The Matchbox Grow Pro Playset is a fun all in one truck/garden/greenhouse that is sure to bring lots of fun.

Age Range: 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 year olds
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There are several plastic bands that must be clipped in order to unbox the Grow Pro set. Don’t throw away the very top plastic piece that sits over the flat-bed though. That is your greenhouse top and you will be sad if you accidentally throw it away (like I almost did!). Inside the packaging are several accessories for growing your garden. A tray for potting and growing your seeds that is somewhat like a small ice cube tray. Also included is a squire bottle for watering that stows along the side of the truck, a removable garden hoe, tiller, and two shovels. Matchbox Grow Pro Playset
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The Playtime Experience

Unfortunately, the Matchbox Grow Pro Playset doesn’t come with any soil or seeds. I was a little disappointed by this because although it is technically a truck, the whole point is planting and growing seeds. All the tools and accessories go toward this purpose so the fact that it didn’t come with the two main ingredients leaves you without much entertainment value upon first unboxing. Matchbox Grow Pro Playset Review
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Things I Liked

I love all the adorable little accessories for gardening. The little shovels are the most practical of the tools however since the pots are too small for tilling, hoeing or anything else.
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Things I Didn't Like

I am really disappointed that Matchbox didn’t include potting soil or any seeds. I don’t think it would have cost them anything to add one very small bag of soil and a few sunflower seeds or something. I don’t even expect enough potting soil to fill all the pots, but something would have been nice.
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Appropriate Ages

Players three and older are best for the Matchbox Grow Pro Playset. This age is great because they won’t be putting the tools in their mouth as much as younger ages and young kids have the opportunity learn about growing plants and green houses. I think this appeals to several age groups and would be a great after school or family project.
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Final Note

My disappointments aside I think the idea of the Matchbox Grow Pro Playset is a lot of fun. However, since Matchbox didn’t include the two necessary ingredients of soil and seeds you’ll have to purchase those separately in order to have the intended value of this toy. The Playset is rather inexpensive so the added expense of seeds and soil isn’t too bad, it is just a hassle and annoying when you don’t read the box properly and have to run back out for the soil and seeds. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jeqMavb7d0M (You may also like: Creativity for Kids Grow 'n Glow Terrarium)  

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