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Nerf Nitro DuelFury Demolition (This Car Toy Changes Everything)

By Kelsey

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Before I came across the Nerf Nitro DuelFury Demolition I thought Nerf was only about guns and darts. I really enjoyed playing with this Nerf Nitro set even though it startles me every time I shoot the cars. I love the safety features to protect kids from shooting each other with these because they really do get moving!

Age Range: 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 year olds
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My Nerf set was held in the box with several plastic ties, tape and plastic inserts. I was able to remove them from the package with the help of my scissors and start setting up my play area. Included in this DuelFury set are two Nerf Nitro guns, 4 foam cars, two rings of fire set-ups and two ramps. No batteries required! Nerf Nitro DuelFury Demolition (You may also like: Nerf N-Strike Elite HyperFire Blaster)
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The Playtime Experience

These guns have a safety feature which doesn’t allow them to fire if they aren’t on a flat surface. I am glad because even though the main body of the car is foam, the wheels are plastic and they get going so fast I am sure it would hurt if I got hit with one. The rings of fire are an easy set- up, the rings snap in the base with ease. After that, the game play is really loading the gun with the car and setting up the ramps to make interesting obstacle courses. The kit also comes with several small barrels for crashing the cars into. Nitro DuelFury Demolition Review
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Things I Liked

As a mom, I really appreciate that the guns have the safety feature requiring that they be on a flat surface to fire.
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Things I Didn't Like

I was startled pretty much every time I fired this gun. They are so powerful it’s startling! And they are kind of loud. I almost feel they may be TOO powerful.
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Appropriate Ages

This Nerf Nitro set is recommended for players 5 and older.
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Final Note

I was really surprised by the power this Nerf Nitro DuelFury Demolition had in it. The set comes with plenty to do, the play time is simple and I am impressed. I think this is a great way for Nerf to diversify and cater to the motor heads in the toy world! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KH09pidP_XE (You may also like: 24 Essential Hot Wheels Tracks and Cars)

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