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Project Mc2 A.D.I.S.N. Journal (Not Sure About This One)

By Kelsey

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I had a top secret journal when I was a little girl and the Project Mc2 A.D.I.S.N. Journal reminded me a lot of the “good old days” with all the top secret options and the secret way to open it! My only wish is that this journal came with an area to actually clip in some real paper.

Age Range: 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 year olds
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This Project Mc2 toy comes in a sealed up, clear front package. I had to use my scissors to remove the main journal unit and the “Nerdy” bracelet from the package. All the other accessories pieces, the writing marker, UV light, composition notebook…etc are inside the journal. You have to install 3 AA batteries in order to open the journal and get those items out. Project MC2 A.D.S.I.N Journal
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The Playtime Experience

The play experience with the Project Mc2 A.D.I.S.N. Journal is rather simple but it is fun. The “Nerdy” bracelet opens it when waved over or held near the logo on the front of the journal. Inside there is a space for a smart phone (however my Samsung Note 5 did not fit so it will have to be smaller) and there is a composition book with some puzzles and games inside. There is an invisible ink pen and a UV light (which is hidden in a compartment in the spine of the book). The front page of the journal is a sort of dry erase board page where you write the message in invisible ink and then use the UV light to read it. As a note, the ink is really hard to read in a well-lit room, it will have to be a little darker to get the full benefit. There is no additional paper or anything for actual journal keeping. If you lose the “Nerdy” bracelet there is a button on the side of the journal that will open it when pressed. When the book opens it says “OMG I’ve been waiting to play with you all day!” and when it closes it says “oh don’t go!” I didn’t find any way to turn this feature off or adjust the volume.
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Things I Liked

I really like how waving the “Nerdy” Bracelet opens the journal.
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Things I Didn't Like

I really wish this “journal” actually had some paper or area to really keep journal writing. There is no way to put paper inside or to actually use this as a diary in any way. I would also have like the option to turn the voice off.
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Appropriate Ages

This Project Mc2 toy is recommended for players 6 and older.
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Final Note

I really enjoyed playing with the Project Mc2 A.D.I.S.N. Journal, however, it did leave me scratching my head a little. There is no way to have an actual journal or diary in this book. It’s more just a fancy dry erase board for small messages. The coolest part was definitely the way it opens with the bracelet but if you are looking for an actual journal for your little one I would keep looking for something geared for that purpose. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4QEiGJ3_vrM (You may also like: )

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