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Vtech Bizzy Mix and Move Robot

By Kelsey

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Most children really like music and dancing. This is very true of my son as well. The Vtech Bizzy Mix and Move Bot is great for this purpose while also allowing fun playtime. Children can dance along with the Vtech Bizzy Mix and Move Bot and help him get dressed for many adventures by mixing and matching his various accessories.

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The Bizzy Mix and Move Bot was not the easiest toy to remove from the packaging so frustration free packaging might be the way to go for parents like myself who do not have the patience for difficultly-packaged toys. He is packaged with the volume all the way up and the power button on his back held tightly to the packaging. Literally, there is no way to remove the Bizzy Mix and Move bot out of the packaging without him singing and dancing the entire time, which depending on your mood either makes unboxing more fun or annoying. bizzy the mix and move bot He is zip tied twice at both of his arms, and zip tied to the packing multiple times by his legs and his back. A good pair of scissors is definitely a necessity although I can say it didn’t make the job easy by any means. It is understandable because Bizzy’s parts are easily removed and replaced however it was difficult and if I had the option to do it again I would research a frustration free option to avoid the headache. Once removed from the packing the Bizzy Mix and Move Bot is an adorable little pal with multiple hats including a chef hat, kitten hat, party hat and a pirate hat. He also has multiple hand options including a camera, magic wand, baseball glove, and a tambourine.
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The Playtime Experience

Playtime with the Bizzy Mix and Move Bot is a lot of fun, he is a beat loving, dancing and grooving guy. Bizzy has multiple settings including a music setting for dancing, a mix and match setting for changing his outfit and one where he requests you to dress him for certain activities and praises you for finding the correct accessory. The Bizzy Mix and Move Bot dances and sings for each of the almost endless accessory combinations. His big red button on his chest prompts him to speak and to dance and his chest lights up to the beat of the music. Bizzy Mix and Move Bot does have a power on/off button and volume adjuster, although I don’t think I could ever have my son play with it all the way up because it is just too loud. The lowered volume setting is much more manageable in my opinion. Also, there is no good way to keep all of his parts together so I see his interchangeable hats and arm attachments, getting lost quickly. vtech mix and move robot Fortunately, they aren’t small and nothing on this toy is really small enough to be a choking hazard but I definitely think that it will be difficult to keep track of all the pieces. He is still entertaining without changing the pieces but that is sort of the point of this toy so to save the frustration as a parent I would definitely recommend having a bag or a fabric storage bin that Bizzy Mix and Move and his parts can call home.
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Things I Liked

I like that the Bizzy Mix and Move Bot is engaging and keeps kids playing with prompts from him to look for and exchange his accessory pieces. Also, the fact that he plays music and dances along is a lot of fun and encourages kids to dance and play with him. The light up pad on his chest in engaging for the younger ages and the search and find feature is really great for older kids to learn problem solving and reasoning skills.
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Things I Didn’t Like

Getting Bizzy the Mix and Move Bot open was harder than storming Fort Knox and I found all the teeny tiny zip ties very irritating when trying to open this package. I would encourage most parents to go with the frustration free option through Amazon to save yourself the headache. I also don’t like that Bizzy Mix and Move Bot could have his parts easily lost in the bottom of a toy box. While he is still fun without them a lot of the “point” is lost because he is asking for accessories you can’t interchange when they are lost. He isn’t great for on-the-go play for this reason so I would recommend leaving Bizzy Mix and Move at home when you are on the move.
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Appropriate Ages

Bizzy Mix and Move bot is intended for use with children from ages 2 to 5. Honestly, I think that the older age range really won’t get the intended benefit from this toy, and the younger age range will spend a lot of time with pieces in their mouth (thank goodness they aren’t choking hazards!) Children will really only be able to benefit from the dancing and music portions of Bizzy until they are old enough to start following directions or interacting with the pieces which are easy to remove and replace but have to be on in a certain direction to prompt a response from the Bizzy Mix and Move bot.
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Vtech Bizzy Robot Review: Worth it?

In my opinion The Bizzy Mix and Move Bot is a fun dancing friend that would be a good addition to any child’s arsenal of loud obnoxious toys. He is loud but he is fun and the accessories keep him entertaining with an almost unlimited amount of combinations. I think the precaution for parents is just to make sure you have a decent system to keep him and his parts together even though we all know that can be a feat with small children at home. The Bizzy Mix and Move Bot is entertaining and inexpensive which make him affordable and in this momma’s opinion, a great buy for kids in that 2-5 year age range. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iipQhk5JUZg

  1. Kelsey says:
    Two thumbs up!

    The Vtech Bizzy Mix and Move Robot is highly entertaining little dancing bot. I loved that he had almost endless combinations and multiple settings for keeping kids entertained. I am worried about losing the small pieces though, so to prevent this, I’ve implemented a gallon size bag for storing him and his little pieces all together. My son loves watching him dance and groove along to the music!

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