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185+ Cool Toy Robots for Tech-Loving Kids – Dogs, Dinosaurs + More

27 Must-Have Toy Robots for Kids (All Experience Levels)

Robots are part of modern life, so they are going to play an important part in any child’s development. We’ve pulled together a list of the most sought-after toys available – ones who sing and dance, code, show emotions, and even get to know you better. Want to build your own? There’s tutorials for that, too.

24 Cool Robot Dog Toys (Interactive, Realistic and Techy)

So you know your child wants a robot, but have they also been begging you for a pet? Why not combine both and get them their very own robot dog which doesn’t require any feeding or cleaning? With high tech for the teens and low tech for the tots, it’s the win-win toy for everyone.

13 Cute Robot Cat Toys (Have You Seen These Yet?)

Cats make excellent pets but like a lot of furry companions, they can be a lot of hard work. Robotic felines seem like the perfect solution, especially the cute ones we’ve included in our list. Browse through and see if you can find the purrfect toy cat for you and your family.

20 Good Robot Kits for Beginners (Try These)

Begin your own awesome collection of toy robots with these cool kits for beginners. Go from zero to hero in no time at all as you gain an understanding of the basic theory behind robotics, and begin to design, build and code your very own team of mechanical marvels.

20 Brilliant LEGO Robot Kits and Sets for Kids of All Ages

Toy robots come in all shapes and sizes, from simple lookalikes to bots who could almost take over the world! Combine the enduring love of LEGO with the fun of the future and get stuck into these LEGO robots kits. From the simplest of builds to incredible DIY projects, this list has them all.

29 Programmable Robots for Techy Kids

Whether you child is a tween or teen techno, they’re probably interested in robots. Why not step it up a gear and give your child a programmable toy robot which allows them to build and program their own android to follow instructions or dance to music. Some bots even respond to touch and facial recognition.

19 Teacher-Approved Robotic Arm Kits and Toys (+ DIY Ideas)

Feed your interest in engineering with these kits for robots and robotic arms. Whether you are looking for a simple afternoon project, or are interested in learning the ins and outs of servos, controllers and programming, we have you covered. ‘Arm’ yourself with the knowledge and there’ll be no stopping you.