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Elenco Follow Me Robot Kit (Entertaining and Educational!)

By Kelsey

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S.T.E.A.M. products are some of the most popular toys in the 2017 year. I had a lot of fun playing with Elenco’s Follow Me Robot Kit and building my very own, sound responsive robot. This set is great for following multiple steps and instructions, learning about wiring and having fun at the same time!

Age Range: 13, 14, 15, 16, 17 year olds
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All the robot pieces are packaged neatly in separate plastic bags once you open the small box they come in. Inside are all the organized pieces for the exterior as well as the electrical wiring, motors, gears and electrical board. The instructions are packaged as a booklet complete with detailed picture instructions. Elenco Follow Me Robot
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The Playtime Experience

Both the box and the instructions tell you, you will need needle-nose pliers, diagonal wire cutters and a Phillip’s head screwdriver. I only ended up needing the screwdriver and about 45 minutes to complete this build. The instructions are great for labeling each piece and picture instructions make putting it together relatively easy. Pay close attention to the details for each step of the build to avoid problems later. In the end I have a robot that runs on 4 AA batteries and responds to sound. I think I crossed some of the wires at some point because instead of moving toward the sound of my clapping, I found my robot moving away. Follow Me Robot Review Follow Me Robot
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Things I Liked

I really like the concept of this toy. It is an inexpensive, but very entertaining and educational. I really enjoyed the build and continue to enjoy the play time!
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Things I Didn't Like

I don’t have anything I dislike about this set. I had a lot of fun building it and the instructions were great!
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Appropriate Ages

Elenco recommends this robot play kit for players 13 and older due to the complicated nature of the build itself.
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Final Note

I am really happy with the Elenco Follow Me Robot Kit. This kit is great in all the right ways. Great build, multiple steps, and interactive robot to finish. The details of the light up eyes, on/off switch, semi-clear body and multi-directional abilities make this a top notch robot kit! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YjgmhrwpRrM (You may also like: Salt Water Powered Robot Kit)

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