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Disney Heroes vs. Villains Mystery Minis (Woot Woot!)

By Kelsey

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Collectibles are among the hottest trends in the toy world right now and are expected to only grow through the 2017 year. The best part of many collectibles is the excitement that comes with doing a blind box or blind bag opening. I have a lot of fun with my blind box openings and I had a lot of fun with the Disney Heroes vs. Villains Mystery Minis set.

Age Range: 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 year olds
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Each of the Mystery Minis is packaged in it’s own box and then bagged in a black bag as well to build the suspense. I had 12 in my case of the Mystery Minis and had fun with the “Russian Roulette” feel of not knowing whether or not I would get a “hero” or a “villain”. Funko Disney Hereos Villians Mystery Minis
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The Playtime Experience

Most of the play experience with this type of toy is the actual unboxing. That is the exciting part. However, once the unboxing is finished there is opportunity to play out your favorite stories with your new characters. It also encourages kids to engage in social activities with their friends in the way of trading and exchanging characters. Disney Heroes Villians Mystery Minis Review
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Things I Liked

As a Disney fan I really liked this set because I easily recognized most of my characters. It was nice to see the solidly made figures and some of them even had moving parts, which isn’t very common among these collectibles.
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Things I Didn't Like

I had a couple of figurines that weren’t able to stand on their own. I also had issue beucase I prefer a set that come with a name list or something to compare it to. The lists are nice to use so you can see which characters you have vs which ones are available and easily recall names of some of the less popular characters.
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Appropriate Ages

As long as the player is over 3 and not at risk for choking on the smaller pieces of this collectible set. The Mystery Mini’s blind boxes are for anyone with a love for fun and Disney.
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Final Note

I really like the opportunity to play with blind box sets. I had a huge haul this time of 12 Disney Heroes vs. Villains Mystery Minis and I was able to get a good mix of characters. I look forward to doing more with these collectibles as they continue to gain popularity in the 2017 year. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mzz7OABlWwM (You may also like: Funko Mystery Mini Moana Collectibles)

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