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Not Parent Approved Card Game (Harmless Fun for Little Ones)

By Kelsey

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What’s not to like about a game that boasts being “not parent approved” and yet for us parents offers harmless fun? The Not Parent Approved Card Game might SAY it isn’t approved by this parent had a lot of fun playing nonetheless.


Age Range: 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 year olds
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As with many games, the Not Parent Approved Card Game is an easy unbox. Once I removed the shrink wrapping around the box itself and the two stacks of cards inside, all I had left was to read the instructions and play. Not Parent Approved Card Game
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The Playtime Experience

Inside the game box, there are two stacks of cards, red and blue. The red stack is much larger and these serve as the main playing cards for the game. To start, each player takes 7 red cards and a turn burping. Yes, you read that right. The burping is to determine the” burp king” to start the game. Once the “burp king” for round one has been determined, he or she will select a blue card from the top of the stack and turn it face up. The blue cards come in forms of questions and the aim of the game is to answer that question or finish the sentence with the best answer. In each round, the players submit their Rd answer card face down to the “burp king” he or she then shuffles the answers and selects the best one. If the card selected is your card you get to keep the blue card which represents one point. Keep playing to the goal determined by the group and the player with the most points wins. You must keep 7 red cards in your hand by drawing more as you play andtherole as “burp king” rotates clockwise with each round. This player requires 2-4 players and depending on the point goal set can take anywhere from 6-60 minutes to play. Not Parent Approved Card Game Review
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Things I Liked

I really like some of the silly questions and answers in this game. Also the marketing is genius, what kid wouldn’t want a game labeled “not parent approved”?
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Things I Didn't Like

I actually really like this game and don’t have anything I dislike. I don’t understand the player limit since this game seems like you should be able to play in a large group.
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Appropriate Ages

This card game is recommended for players 8 years of age and up.
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Final Note

The Not Parent Approved Card Game is a cute and fun game in its own right. The marketing for this is genius but he game play is what really makes this fun. This game won several awards and I can definitely see why. I can’t wait to play again! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eIPC9xBQ_iM (You may also like: Toilet Trouble Game Review)

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