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Scientific Explorer My Own Perfumery (DIY Perfume Kit for Kids)

By Kelsey

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I had never had the opportunity to work with fragrance and the creation process before the Scientific Explorer My Own Perfumery Kit. I had a lot of fun with this kit and it teaches a lot about scent, chemicals and how they work together to create the perfect perfume.


Age Range: 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 year olds
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The Perfumery kit comes package neatly in a plastic insert, once I pulled it from the box I had the instructions and everything I needed to play readily available. There are 5 pipettes, 5 test tubes with lids and 5 scents numbered 1-5. The instruction manual gives you the name of each scent with the corresponding number and offers two potential scent recipes. It also offers a space to write down your own recipe as well as education about how perfume makers do what they do using scent and chemical bonds. Scientific Explorer My Own Perfumery
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The Playtime Experience

I made an example recipe from the instruction booklet called “Napoleon’s Scented Gloves”. I was easily able to follow the recipe and create a peppermint based perfume that smelled light and refreshing. It also didn’t make too much so the test tube wasn’t overly full had I not liked the scent and wanted to pitch it. Fortunately, it did smell good and I actually liked it a lot! My Own Perfumery Review
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Things I Liked

I really like how this Scientific Explorer My Own Perfumery set offers fun and learning in a subtle and easy way. The scents were light and not overpowering, I had been concerned that they would be really strong and was pleasantly surprised that this set kept things classy.
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Things I Didn't Like

My only complaint is I wish the scents had been labeled with the scent on them instead of a number. I didn’t really like that I had to keep referencing the manual to find which number corresponded with which scent I needed.
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Appropriate Ages

Because this set does require a bit of precision and patience, this set is recommended for players 8 and older. I think this is appropriate since a younger player may not be able to appreciate the learning aspects and you are at higher risk of wearing a whole bottle of “Lilly of the valley”.
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Final Note

The Scientific Explorer My Own Perfumery is a unique play set and I really enjoyed my play experience. I think this is a great way to have a hands-on play experience with learning and a great product at the end! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q9wvkETT2xQ (You may also like: 3Doodler Start Pen)

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