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Spy Gear – Video WalkieTalkies (I love these things! Check this out!)

By Kelsey

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Before cell phones were popular, I spent a fortune in allowances on walkie talkies for my sister and I to play with. But nothing we had lasted very long, or was nearly as cool as the new Spy Gear – Video WalkieTalkies.

Age Range: 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 year olds
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The unboxing was easy with the Spy Gear - Video WalkieTalkies. I used a pair of scissors to pull them from the packaging. The video screens are also packaged with screen protectors that have to be peeled off to get started. Additionally each Walkie Talkie will require 3 AAA batteries before they can be used. Spy Gear Video Walkie Talkies  
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The Playtime Experience

Once the batteries are installed you can pair the Video WalkieTalkies and start using them! The video feature actually offers a decent picture. It is defaulted to watching yourself but you can use the mode button to change it to watching your partners screen. Like standard WalkieTalkies, they have the classic connect button along the side that must be pressed to activate the microphone. If they accidentally get left on after play time is over, they will turn themselves off after about 15 minutes. The Spy Gear - Video WalkieTalkies advertised a range of 160 feet. I tested it in a bi level house and they actually worked great, much to my surprise. Video Walkie Talkie Review
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Things I Liked

I actually loved the video feature. I would have loved having such advanced WalkieTalkies when I was younger. I love that they close up compactly and have that nifty auto-off feature if they accidentally get left on.
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Things I Didn't Like

I didn’t think it made sense to default the video to looking at yourself every time you turn them back on. I found it much more useful and “spy-like” to be able to see your partner with the primary view. Also, 6 AAA batteries is just an excessive amount of batteries. Thank goodness for that auto-off feature!
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Appropriate Ages

Players 6 and over are recommended for use with the Spy Gear - Video WalkieTalkies. That makes sense to me and I agree with the recommendation. Kids will need to be old enough to understand the concept before this toy has value.
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Final Note

I would have loved the Spy Gear - Video WalkieTalkies when I was kid and actually if I’m honest I really liked them as an adult too. They were reasonably priced and a lot of fun. The video feature really puts these on the map as a great toy and really extend the play life of this toy to multiple age groups. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8leeCgvLGOo (You may also like: 23 Coolest Spy Gear for Kids)

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