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The Grossery Gang Series 2- Icky Pops (The Best Grossery Gang Set?)

By Kelsey

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I have played with the Grossery Gang collectibles before, namely the Mushy Slushie set, Moldy Chips and Crunchy Munch collections. I was excited to play with more Grossery Gang characters with Series 2- Icky Pops. I wasn’t disappointed by my 16 new friends and even found an ‘ultra rare’ character!

Age Range: 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 year olds
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As with most blind box openings and blind play sets. Have the fun is opening the set. The Icky Pops set comes with two opened Grossery Gang characters that are special edition. These two characters change colors when they get cold in the freezer. The other Grossery Gang members are obviously of a gross theme and come in 14 yellow blind bags. The Grossery Gang Series 2 Icky Pops
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The Playtime Experience

Obviously, half the fun of a blind pack opening is the opening of the toy. The special edition characters add an extra element to the fun by changing their look when put in certain environments. I was able to find all of my Grossery Gang character names on the back of the box. I had several common type characters, a few rare, and one ultra rare! Icky Pops Review
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Things I Liked

I always like the opportunity to do several blind pack openings in one sitting. I was super excited to find an ultra rare character in my box this time.
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Things I Didn't Like

I don’t have anything I dislike about this Icky Pops blind box pack.
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Appropriate Ages

Due to the small nature of the collectibles the Grossery Gang collectibles are better suited for players 3 and older.
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Final Note

I have played with several Grossery Gang collectible sets now and so far I have enjoyed all of them. The The Grossery Gang Series 2- Icky Pops was a lot of fun to open and I even got some ultra rare characters I had been hoping for. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bG_beIfUv28 (You may also like: 25 Minecraft Mini Figures Every Fan Needs)

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