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Trivial Pursuit: Star Wars The Black Series Edition Review

By Kelsey

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Most of us are familiar with the classic Trivial Pursuit game and its mind-bending trivia. Well things are getting a whole lot more fun with the Trivial Pursuit: Star Wars The Black Series Edition. As a huge Star Wars fan I couldn’t wait to play this game.

Age Range: 13, 14, 15, 16, 17 year olds
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After removing the plastic shrink wrap from the outside of the box the Star Wars Trivial Pursuit game is ready to play. Inside is a game instruction sheet, game board, dice and 4 game pieces. Also included are 3 stacks of trivia cards and several colored wedges. Trivial Pursuit Star Wars Black Series
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The Playtime Experience

As with the classic Trivial Pursuit game, the point of the game is to answer trivia questions. In the Star Wars edition each of the questions has a Star Wars theme. The game board is marked with primary colors at each of the “spaces” which correspond to color-coded questions on the game cards. Therefore, when you roll the dice and land on a colored game board square, you will be required to answer the corresponding colored question on the trivia card. If you answer correctly, you can add that colored wedge to your game piece, the first to collect all the different colored wedges wins. Trivial Pursuit Star Wars Black Series Review
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Things I Liked

I love Star Wars so I loved that this game carried the theme throughout all of the trivia questions. Aside from that, I also loved that this game included A LOT of cards. That way it keeps the material new and keeps people from learning all the answers quickly.
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Things I Didn't Like

I don’t like that this game has a player limit of 4 players. When I play board games it’s usually in a large family or party setting and I really wish there were more playing pieces for this reason.
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Appropriate Ages

The Trivial Pursuit: Star Wars The Black Series Edition is recommended for people over the age of 13. This is likely because a lot of the questions were actually really hard, and would require that you had seen the movies. Since some of the movies aren’t really “young-child” friendly I would say this is probably a correct assumption.
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Final Note

I really had a lot of fun playing with the Trivial Pursuit: Star Wars The Black Series Edition. I had never played the original Trivial Pursuit before but I had heard of it and had a general idea of the game beforehand. However, some of the questions were really tricky! I can see this game having lots of family fun and being a good addition to a Star Wars loving household. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V9h8OwEWDkg (You may also like: 63 Must-Have Star Wars The Last Jedi Toys for Kids and Collectors)

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