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Star Wars The Force Awakens RC BB-8 Review (Worth it?)

By Kelsey

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I am known as a huge Star Wars fan and I have been thrilled to see the “hype” back with the release of the new movies. I had the chance to play with Star Wars The Force Awakens RC BB-8 this week and I had some trouble getting the droid working at first. But with a little work I was soon having loads of Star Wars themed fun!


Age Range: 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 year olds
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BB8 comes packaged in a small box and is easily opened and readied for play time. You will need several batteries to get started. The remote requires 2 AAA batteries and the body uses 4 AA batteries. Star Wars The Force Awakens RC BB8
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The Playtime Experience

The head of BB8 attaches magnetically to the body for use. When you install the batteries and set he head on the body. Then you use the remote to command the unit to orient itself and get the head unit in the right position. Once the orientation is complete you can use the remote control like any RC unit. The only issue I had with my play time is that the head doesn’t stay on very well, especially if it bumps into walls or tries to go over obstacles. Also there is no on/off switch so you can only turn it off if you hold him upside down for several seconds. Be warned though, he turns right back on usually.
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Things I Liked

I like the make of this toy because it is so true to the movie in looks and in how he moves.
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Things I Didn't Like

I was disappointed to find that there was no on/off switch and that the head doesn’t stay on the body very well.
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Appropriate Ages

This RC toy is recommended for players 5 and older.
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Final Note

While I really enjoyed the design of the Star Wars The Force Awakens RC BB-8 I am not so sure about the functionality. I think as a kids RC this toy does the job but if you are looking as an adult you will likely want to go with something a little better built. I think for the price this is a really good toy however and any small Star Wars fan will be thrilled with BB8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n7Xz_2i8h_c (You may also like: Star Wars: Rogue One Micro Machines Death Star Playset)

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