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VTech Light-Up Baby Touch Tablet (Good for the Price?)

By Kelsey

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I took two Vtech children’s tablets and compared them. This VTech Light-Up Baby Touch Tablet is made for a slightly younger age group than the Vtech Little Apps Tablet, however, I found that the former had less value for the specified age group than the latter.


Age Range: Baby and Baby, 1, 2, 3 year olds
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This Vtech toy was in an open face box and held in the package with twist clips. I didn’t have any trouble getting it open and was ready to play immediately since the batteries were installed already. VTech Light Up Baby Touch Tablet
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The Playtime Experience

There are no buttons on the Baby Touch Tablet with the exception of the slider on/off/volume adjust button along the top and a + and – button along the side. The applications, screen and game interactions are all done by touch. The screen is colored but pictures are depicted in an analog dot style. There are several interactive points including an “email” application, numbers, alphabet and music. To interact with the game or the “emails” the tablet instructs you to swipe the screen right/left or up/down. I found that this was so sensitive I almost couldn’t play with it. The tablet kept jumping into another game or just going back and forth in screen because it was detecting every single movement. The + and – button on the side of the tablet says, “zooming in/out” depending on which direction you press. I didn’t seem much difference when I attempted to use this feature however. VTech Light Up Baby Touch Tablet
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Things I Liked

I like how lightweight this tablet is and that it is offered in multiple colors.
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Things I Didn't Like

I have a love-hate relationship with the touch features of this tablet. They are really neat but so sensitive it makes it a little difficult to play with in real life.
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Appropriate Ages

Vtech recommends this for ages 9 months through 36 months (3 years).
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Final Note

The concept of this Vtech is good but the execution could be better. Especially since this toy is catered to and advertised for a young age population that can be a little more “spastic” , I think the touch features of this may be too sensitive to be practical. I much preferred the Vtech Little Apps tablet! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xDc7C8ZbMWY (You may also like: VTech Little Apps Tablet)

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