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Frozen Northern Lights Elsa Doll Review (Let it go?)

By Kelsey

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The Disney movie Frozen has quickly become one of the most popular Disney movies, like, ever. As a result, there is an endless supply of Frozen-themed merchandise. The Frozen Northern Lights Elsa Doll was great to play with and I think any little Frozen fan would be more than pleased.

Age Range: 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 year olds
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Unboxing the Elsa Doll wasn’t too difficult, I was able to open it within a few moments by clipping a few plastic clips/ties and packaging. Once it was opened, I had to install 3 AAA batteries in the Star accessory but I didn’t have to do anything with the Elsa doll. Frozen Northern Lights Elsa Doll
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The Playtime Experience

The Star and Elsa doll each have a power button with two “on” options. The bottom of the Elsa doll dress is clear plastic with lights inside and the Star accessory lights up as well. In one of the play modes Elsa recognizes when you wave your hand over the Star. She sings, plays and asks you to change the color of the Star with a wave of your hand. In the other play mode there is mostly more singing and light changing but the wave of your hand isn’t recognized. Northern Lights Elsa Doll Review
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Things I Liked

I really like the feature where Elsa plays along with you and the lights of the Star accessory. She asks for specific colors and gets excited with the star turns the right one. I loved the interactivity of this toy.
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Things I Didn't Like

The “Let it go” song doesn’t have any lyrics and I guess I would really have preferred that but it isn’t a deal breaker.
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Appropriate Ages

The Frozen Elsa Doll is recommended for players 3 and older. This is great because this is the age where doll play becomes really popular with kids. I don’t think this toy will last an excessively long time however.
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Final Note

I wouldn’t hesitate to purchase this Frozen Northern Lights Elsa Doll as a gift for any Frozen fan. This doll is great and keeps all the classic things that kids love about Queen Elsa, including her song “Let it go”. It was reasonably priced and easy to play with. I would recommend this toy to anyone in the market for Frozen fanfare. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FVovNr046ks (You may also like: 21 Frozen Elsa Dolls Your Frozen Fanatic Will Love)

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