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225+ Genius STEM Toys for Growing Young Minds

When you combine education with fun, something magical happens – kids learn! STEM toys and games encompass all of those core subjects which every child needs to get ahead in school, and no matter where they are in their education, we have something in our list of STEM toys to fill that role.

32 STEM Toys for Kids Into Engineering (And Building Things)

When kids are playing they don’t realize they’re learning, too. So make use of that play time by giving your child toys which encourage engineering and critical thinking. The toys and games in this list have been chosen to encourage students to solve engineering problems, and look at the world in a different way.

27 Brilliant STEM Toys That Teach Math Problem Solving

Math isn’t an easy subject to master but it is a lifelong skill we all need. Teaching your children the basics is something we must all do as parents but how can we make it fun and engaging for them? By using activities which make it feel less like school and more like an exciting new game.

32 Tech STEM Toys (That Prove Learning is Actually Fun)

Entertainment is essential for education and this list does not fail on either front. Filled with STEM toys and games, your kids will develop their understanding of tech, and how things work and fit together, whilst playing with some amazingly cool pieces of kit!

30 Science Toys and Kits for Smart Kids (Mom-Approved)

Science comes into almost every aspect of life, and it is essential to give our children an insight into how it all works. These sets have been specially chosen to give you a wide variety of options to entertain, educate, and stimulate your child’s interest in all the sciences.

28 STEM Toys for Rocket-Obsessed Youngsters

Kids love rockets and are fascinated by space. Nurture that love and help them develop their scientific minds with fun rocket toys and exhilarating STEM experiments. This list contains shop bought toys, models you can build at home and DIY experiments; your kid is sure to love it all. And you can have some fun with it too.

31 STEM Building Toys to Fuel Their Minds

Building relies on every aspect of STEM to work! In playing and having fun with building toy sets, children can value how important science, tech, engineering and math really is when it comes to construction. They will learn as they play and develop important skills without realizing.

23 Innovative STEM Toys to Teach Coding Skills

Computer applications are inherent in every aspect of modern life: Coding is the heart of every computer application. Kids who learn coding early are better prepared for the future. Coding toys and games teach STEM basics as well as code, plus it’s always fun to have a robot to pal around with!

26 Prehistoric STEM Toys for Dinosaur-Loving Kids

Dinosaurs are a huge, fascinating part of our history. Teach children about life science, paleontology and even geology with this comprehensive list of STEM toys designed for the Dinosaur lover in your life. From the T-Rex, to prehistoric plants, to a Wooly Mammoth, this list has everything.

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