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18 Unique Rainbow Unicorn Cake Ideas for the Most Magical Birthday Ever

By Kelsey

Are you looking for a recipe for a unique unicorn cake to make their next birthday magical? If so, you’ve come to the right place, because these make-at-home cake ideas are ideal for everyone, from the complete novice to contenders for the Great British Bake Off. Plus, they cover everything from simple but stunning unicorn cake pops to glamorous rainbow-layered creations, and even delightful macarons with a surprise hidden inside.

Rainbow Unicorn Cake

Unicorns and rainbows seem to go together like fairies and magic dust, and this stunning cake has all the rainbow colors inside, with a scattering of unicorn-color sprinkles on the beautiful white frosting.

Rainbow Swirl Sheet Pan Unicorn Cake

Deceptively simple, this unicorn cake is made using just one 9 x 13 sheet cake, which has been baked using a ‘tie-dye’ effect with food coloring before adding the prettiest candy clay details.

Unicorn Poke Cake

If you’re not great at cake decorating but still want a stunning birthday cake, have a go at this rainbow poke cake, which uses food dye for coloring, and whipped cream for the frosting.

Unicorn Cake Pops

These unicorn cake pops are absolutely adorable, and make a great birthday idea for the unicorn-obsessed child – they’re easy to make and look incredible, especially when you add the gold unicorn horn sprinkles.

Unicorn Cake Roll

This cake roll is a riot of all things magical – beautiful pastel shades of pink and blue, lashings of pudding whipped cream, and a ton of sparkly sprinkles and Lucky Charm rainbow pieces.

Puking Unicorn Cake

So we all know that rainbow poop is made of candy, but did you know their vom was made of rainbow-colored frosting? Check out this recipe to make your own puking unicorn cake.

Unicorn Cupcakes

You can use a box mix or your own recipe to make these cupcakes because the real show-stopper is in the icing – swirling, twirling swathes of purple frosting adorned with magical sprinkles.

No Bake Unicorn Cheesecake Bars

What’s not to love about these unicorn cheesecake bars? They’re pretty, colorful, and, best of all, they don’t need baking; just pile them high with Cool Whip and sprinkles, and you’re done.

Unicorn Bundt Cake With Twinkie Filling

A unicorn cake needs an extra special filling, so how about having a go at this delightful Bundt cake, which is covered in beautiful sprinkles, and filled with a delicious Twinkie crème?

Simple Unicorn Birthday Cake

This cake might not look the most beautiful, but boy is it tasty, especially given that it is layered and topped with coconut whipped cream and then decorated with colorful candy.

Maple And Cinnamon Unicorn Cake Donuts

Some things are almost too pretty to eat, and these unicorn cake donuts certainly fit that bill. Flavored with maple and cinnamon, these gorgeous cakes are colored and decorated with all things unicorn.

Unicorn Birthday Cake Macarons

These adorable macarons have a hidden secret – bite into one and nestled between the crispy shells you will find a piece of funfetti cake, surrounded by creamy vanilla filling.

Pigicorn Cake

Bridge the gap between real and mythical creatures with this sweet Pigicorn cake, which combines a pig’s lovable snout with the magical features of a beautiful unicorn, complete with a foam flower mane.

Unicorn Ice Cream Cake

If you’re looking to add frozen fun to your unicorn birthday, this ice cream cake fits the bill perfectly, with unicorn-hued ice cream both in the middle and swirled on top.

Unicorn Mug Cake

Ideal for when you’ve forgotten to buy a cake, this recipe will create a funfetti cake in a mug in just 3 minutes, plus the few minutes it takes to mix the ingredients together.

Rainbow Unicorn Cheesecake Bars

Using natural food colorings like turmeric, beet, and spirulina, gives these unicorn cheesecake bars a wonderfully marbled effect, which sits on a bed of your favorite kind of crackers.

Unicorn Cupcakes In A Cone

A truly novel way of making cupcakes, this recipe uses funfetti mix and ice cream cones instead of cases, and finishes off with an abundant swirl of pink, purple, and blue whipped buttercream icing.

No Bake Unicorn Bites

With no baking and only four ingredients required, these unicorn bites are paleo friendly and use coconut flour so they are suitable for those who are following a grain-free diet, too.

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