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11 OMG-yummy Rainbow Unicorn Drinks Both Kids and Adults Can Enjoy

By Kelsey

When thinking of unicorn birthday party ideas, you need to come up with some mythical, magical foods and drinks to match the theme. The rainbow colored drinks in this fantasy-inspired list are so OMG-yummy that the adults will enjoy them as much as the kids, and what’s more, most of them are wonderfully healthy, too.

Unicorn Lemonade

Using differently colored ice cubes means that as they melt, the homemade lemonade (recipe included) will be tinted with the wonderful pink, purple, and teal of the beautiful unicorn.

Cotton Candy Unicorn Party Punch

Thankfully there’s such a thing as cotton candy ice cream, which makes this unicorn punch a breeze to make – just add ice cream to soda and top it all off with unicorn poots.

Unicorn Hot Chocolate

Few things are more comforting than a cup of hot chocolate, but now you can make it magical by turning it pink and adding delicious rainbow sprinkles as a unicorn birthday party treat.

Unicorn Rainbow Smoothie

This smoothie looks so beautiful that it couldn’t possibly be healthy, and yet…it is! Made with rainbow layers of delicious fruit, it’s a wonderfully cooking drink to serve on any occasion.

Unicorn Milkshake

This milkshake is an absolute riot of all things unicorn – rainbows, sprinkles, candies, and multi-colored marshmallow polka dots adorning the mound of delicious whipped cream topping.

Unicorn Blood

The perfect unicorn birthday party idea for kids who like their mythical creatures a little less sweet, this delightful beverage is none other than unicorn blood with a sprinkle of golden horn.

Unicorn Ice Cream Float

Ideal for any birthday or special occasion, these magical unicorn ice cream floats are incredibly easy to make, even if you need to make the unicorn ice cream from scratch.

Vegan Unicorn Frappe

Packed full of fruits like bananas, mangoes, strawberries, and raspberries, this copycat unicorn frappe is not only healthy and delicious, but it uses dairy free whipped cream so it’s vegan friendly, too.

Healthy Unicorn Smoothie

The fact that this smoothie uses dragon fruit (as well as other juicy fruits) is perfect, because what could be more mythical than dragons and unicorns in one healthy and delicious drink?

Magical Melting Unicorn Hot Chocolate

Fiendishly-minded kids will take absolute delight in this hot chocolate, which features a rim covered in colorful sprinkles, and a marshmallow unicorn which melts slowly into the drink.

Rainbow Sprinkles Unicorn Drink

Fun and fizzy, these drinks will be a big hit at any unicorn birthday bash as the colors of the sherbet swirl and dance as soda is added, beneath a cloud of rainbow-embellished cream.

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