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12 Unicorn Party Games All Kids Will Love

By Kelsey

A party isn’t complete without a few fun activities, and this list will fill you with inspiration as it contains some great ideas for unicorn party games that all kids will love. Some are art-and-crafty, while others explore the world of science, and mixed up in that lot are games which are based on the old classics but with a brand new and mythical twist.

Print and Color Unicorn Masks

Keep little hands busy with this free printable coloring activity, which allows kids to decorate their own unicorn masks before wearing, or for older kids, they can be printed onto already-colored cardstock.

Pin The Horn On The Unicorn Party Game

Poor old donkey has been retired from the game, and replaced with a much more decorative creature in this version of a classic game – pin the horn on the unicorn.

Unicorn Science Activity

This sweet unicorn party game combines fun with learning as little ones make unicorn shapes out of colored baking soda, and then add vinegar to make the unicorns fizz and foam.

Make Unicorn Slime

Chemical-free and safe for even the youngest of hands, this slime combines two of childhood’s greatest loves – goo, and unicorns – along with the most beautiful of pastel rainbow colors.

Make Unicorn Wish Necklaces

Make these adorable unicorn necklaces before the party to give as favors, or collect all the ‘ingredients’ and set the kids down at the party so they can create their own.

Unicorn Bingo

Keep things simple and inexpensive with a party game that always goes down a treat – bingo! This one uses unicorns instead of numbers, and the printable playing boards are included here for free.

Paint a Unicorn Rock

Unicorns rock, quite literally, in this super simple guide which shows you how to get in on the rock painting craze by decorating yours with an adorable unicorn’s face.

Unicorn Memory Match Game

Any memory match game is a great idea for entertaining the kids, but this one takes it up a notch because every single card is unicorn-themed, and free to print out, too!

Unicorn Ring Toss Game

Ring toss always brings out their competitive sides, no matter who’s playing, and this version uses glittery unicorn horn party hats and glow stick necklaces for a much more magical game.

Unicorn Sensory Bin

Little ones will love the unicorn theme in this sensory bin, which uses shredded coconut, colorful sprinkles, and jelly crystals, along with pink and white marshmallows and tiny unicorn toys.

Make and Play with Unicorn Playdough

There can’t be many kids who don’t love Play Dough, and this glittery version can be made using unicorn, rainbow, or even mermaid colors for a cheap and cheerful party favor or activity.

Unicorn Paper Plate Craft

Give excitable children some Time Out with this sweet party game which uses paper plates, cardstock, and colorful yarn to create cute unicorn faces they can take home when the party’s over.

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