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32 Awesome Unicorn Birthday Party Decorations – DIY Party Decor Ideas

By Kelsey

You could just decorate the room in pinks, blues, and purples and it would be unicorn-themed, but we know you want to make it extra special. That’s why we’ve brought together this collection of THE most awesome unicorn birthday party decorations, which you can make at home. From piñatas which are too cute to bash, to invitations the guests can actually wear, this list encompasses some of the best and most effective DIY party décor ideas around.

Unicorn Glitter Shaker

Salt and pepper shakers have been beautifully repurposed in this guide, which shows you how to turn a simple seasoning set into a magical pair of glitter shakers, complete with coordinating horns.

Mini Rainbow Balloon Arch

Balloon arches make wonderful backdrops for any occasion, whatever size you create, and if you choose rainbow colors, just like this one, they make a fabulous unicorn birthday party idea, too.

Diy Unicorn Lamp

With just a hint of a carousel horse, this unicorn lamp is actually really simple to make using a Barbie toy, gold spray paint, lamp kit, and a couple of power tools.

Unicorn Party Balloons

Add a unique slant to your homemade party decorations by printing the free templates in this tutorial, and using them to create your own unicorn face balloons, complete with gold foil hair.

3D Papercraft Unicorn Head

These paper unicorn heads look stunning mounted on the wall, and they’re super easy to make with either a Cricut or photo resizing software and a trusty pair of scissors.

Unicorn Party Pinata

Donkeys are cute, but they’re not unicorn cute, so follow these steps to turn a simple donkey piñata into an iridescent dream that looks like it’s come from the pages of a book.

Unicorn Jewelry Holder

Every girl should have a jewelry holder in her home, and you can make one that’s also magical to look at by following these easy steps for a stunning unicorn ring dish.

Unicorn Headbands

Make sure all the guests are dressed to impress with a unicorn headband. Easy to make but stunning to look at, these headbands even come with a curly, rainbow colored mane.

Unicorn Succulent Planter

Brighten up the party space with this fun unicorn planter which is perfect for holding succulents and other small plants, and would look beautiful as an alternative party décor idea.

Unicorn Mason Jars

What would you use these fun unicorn mason jars for? Candies? Pens? Makeup brushes? They could even be used as planters to make unicorn-themed centerpieces for a magical party theme.

Crochet Unicorn

This free pattern will enable you to create the most adorable stuffed unicorn ever! With a soft white body and delightful rainbow mane and tale, it makes a beautiful birthday gift.

Unicorn Bookmarks

This project is incredibly easy to make, but with a few simple steps you will produce beautiful bookmarks which can be given as gifts or party favors at a unicorn themed birthday bash.

No-sew Unicorn Sleeping Masks

Download the free template included to create these sweet sleep masks which are perfect for a birthday slumber party, or to make as a fun craft activity to keep the guests entertained.

Unicorn Wood Burned Kitchen Utensils

This technique can be used to make any wooden gift, and with any design you like, but these wooden kitchen utensils look especially good with a unicorn wood-burned into them.

Unicorn Bags

Make up party bags for all the guests to take when they leave by copying the ideas in this post; rainbow-colored flowers, silver glittery eyelashes, and a lollipop horn – what’s not to love?

Unicorn Planter

Whether you make these as centerpieces for a unicorn birthday party or simply to cheer up a windowsill, these cute planters add a touch of fairytale magic to any room.

Unicorn Banner

Use the free printables included in this tutorial and you will be able to produce a beautiful banner which spells out any name – there’s also a Happy Birthday one included, too.

No-sew Tulle Unicorn Table Skirt

Make the table the star of the show at the next unicorn birthday party by creating this no-sew table skirt out of swathes of unicorn-colored tulle and matching colored ribbons.

Print and Color Unicorn Masks

Use these color-in paper masks as a fun unicorn birthday party activity idea, or make them with the birthday child beforehand to hand out to the guests when they arrive.

Unicorn Favor Boxes

Fill these tiny little party favor boxes with small candies or tiny toys, and you will have the perfect giveaway for unicorn fans to take with them when the party ends.

Unicorn Dreamcatcher

Dream catchers ALWAYS look good, but these ones which you can make at home are even better, because they’re kitted out with beautiful unicorn details in stunning magical colors.

Unicorn Flower Backdrop

Simple to make but stunning to look at, this unicorn backdrop will make a beautiful photo opportunity for a birthday party, or even just to brighten up a child’s bedroom.

Craft Foam Heart Unicorn

If you can get hold of foam hearts, you can create these cute unicorn faces by adding card horns, ears, and nose, along with fun googly eyes and a sparkly, glittery horn.

Unicorn Horns

A fun alternative to standard party hats, these unicorn horns are perfect for kids who still believe in fairytales and all things magical (plus they’re super easy and cheap to make!)

Crocheted Unicorn Hat

The free pattern included in this blog post will show you how to crochet a most beautiful unicorn hat, complete with embroidered eyelashes, pretty flowers, and of course a ‘golden’ horn.

Unicorn Masks

This is one party invitation which won’t get stuck on the fridge with magnets, because it’s designed as a unicorn eye mask which the kids can actually wear – the template is even included.

Cute Unicorn Pinata

These unicorn piñatas are waaaay too cute, and far too pretty to bash! Just strip a standard piñata to its base, and then decorate it by following the simple steps included here.

Fleece Unicorn Pillows

White fleece is the perfect base for this cute pillow, and by adding a rainbow mane, golden horn, pretty flowers, and elaborate lashes, you can turn it into an adorable cuddly unicorn.

Unicorn Ornamnets

Clear glass baubles reflect beautiful rainbow colors, which makes them perfect as unicorn ornaments (or unicornaments), with the addition of horn, lashes, ears, and a generous sprinkling of glitter (aka. fairy dust).

Paper Unicorn Decoration

These paper decorations can be used at Christmas, or would look equally good dangling from the ceiling of a unicorn-themed birthday party – rope the kids in to help and you’ll end up with loads!

Stained Glass Unicorn

This stained glass-effect unicorn will look stunning hanging in the window for a magical birthday party idea, or just to decorate a unicorn-loving child’s bedroom or playroom.

Unicorn Party Plates

Iridescent party plates are perfect for making these unicorn dishes, which will take pride of place on the party table and can be customized with a vinyl unicorn and the birthday child’s age.

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