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14 YUM-worthy Rainbow Unicorn Cupcakes Anyone Can Make

By Kelsey

These totally yum-worthy unicorn cupcakes might look intimidating, but they’re actually really simple – so simple, in fact, that anyone can make them; the secret is in the colors used, the sparkles added, and the added pinch of fairytale magic. There are cakes piled high with creamy delights, and others with a hidden stash of delicious candy, and even a recipe for making swirly, whirly, unicorn poop.

Classic Unicorn Horn Cupcakes

How magical do these cupcakes look? Made using the iconic colors of the magnificent unicorn, the swirling frosting is topped with mini royal icing flowers and the sweetest golden horns ever.

Surprise Unicorn Cupcakes

Whether you make your own cupcakes or buy some readymade, you can turn them into piñata cakes by filling the inside with rainbow candy sprinkles, before finishing off with pretty tricolor frosting.

Unicorn Cupcakes In A Cone

Little ones will love the novelty of eating their cupcake out of an ice cream cone, especially one that has been baked inside the cone, and decorated to look like a pretty little unicorn.

Reese Cup Unicorn Cupcakes

They won’t know whether to eat these cupcakes or cuddle them! Super sweet and very professional looking, these unicorns are made using white Reese’s cups and colorful candy clay.

Unicorn Swirl Cupcakes

Using Funfetti cake mix and some food dyes for the icing, you can create these mystical-looking rainbow cakes which are surprisingly easy to make, but not surprisingly delicious to eat.

Pull Apart Unicorn Cupcakes

It’s not the recipe that’s unique in this blog post, it’s the way the pretty unicorn’s head is created, and once they’ve pulled their portion out, they’ll find it stuffed full of candy, too.

Gluten Free Unicorn Cupcakes

Whimsical and delicate, the icing which decorates these gluten-free cupcakes is applied using cling film to make the pastel colors swirl together, and then topped off with golden horns and sweet little ears.

Pegasus Cupcakes

Unicorns aren’t the only magical horse around, and this tutorial will show you how to create both unicorn and Pegasus cupcakes, complete with their respective beautiful golden horns and spectacular wings.

Unicorn Reindeer Cupcakes

OMG! These cakes are made up of two of the most magical animals alive; the beautiful unicorn, and Santa’s favorite reindeer, sporting antlers, ears, and of course the all-important horn.

Galactic Unicorn Cupcakes

Swirling galaxy colors and shimmering silver stars make these some of the most enchanting cupcakes you will ever see, and they’re perfect for unicorn birthday parties, too.

Unicorn Poop Cupcakes

Unicorns can’t put a hoof wrong – even their poop looks beautiful, which makes it ideal for piling on top of a plain cupcake for a magically-themed birthday party.

Over the Top Unicorn Cupcakes

Kids won’t be able to stop staring at these gorgeous cupcakes, which are piled high with a rainbow of unicorn colors, and then covered with a sprinkling of enchanting candy pieces.

Vegan Unicorn Cupcakes

Add a more girly twist to the unicorn trend by following this guide, which shows you how to create these adorable cakes which are decorated in beautiful blush colors.

Unicorn Marshmallow Cupcakes

Put all your effort into decorating by using store-bought cupcakes and turning them into these light and fluffy unicorn creations using large marshmallows, melted white chocolate, and a little imagination.

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